Monday Blooms

nat4b(4)July 28, 2014

All my lates have started already. Last two had their FFOs today.

And here are couple last flowers

LFO on Siloam Doodlebug - this one usually reblooms but not this year

Moon Over Monteray LFO, not reblooming this year either

Tower of Babel

Linda's Magic

Fear Not - love this one! Sorry couldn't get a true color.

Also wanted to show 2 flowers FN had yesterday

Blood, Sweat and Tears - it opens later, and I have a better pic but Photobucket is
soo frustrating today, I am really tired of fighting it.
This one petal didn't open well because there's a bud behind it

Peace Beyond Understanding - I just call them PBU and BSAT :) Long names :)

Noid - it's more red purple like all purples here

My third zinnia turned out to be red

Carnival in Brazil

I think I've had it with Photobucket. It took me 2 hours to post these.
It could be my computer too, I only have Microsoft Security Essentials on it,
maybe there are viruses I don't know.
If I start to list all the problems I encounter trying working with it it'll take me another 2 hrs ;)
There are also Flickr and Picasa, maybe I can try them?
Very frustrated..

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Gorgeous colors! Fear Not is going on my wish list :)

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shive(6b TN)

I'm loving all your Emmerichs. I especially like the color on Blood, Sweat, and Tears, and Fear Not makes a dazzling clump.Tower of Babel has such nice wide petals, and the color is great too!


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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

I just love your pics of Tower of Babel! Fear Not and BSAT look great too. I had a bloom of Jamie Dockery the other day that had a white patch on it like your two Fear Not blooms. I wonder what is up with that, hope it isn't a symptom of something bad.

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I thought you used a different photo storage site the last time. Picasa is also frustrating with its new changes.

I like Linda's Magic. Let's see, what did you tell us about that one's performance? Carnival in Brazil looks like a perfect flower.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Very pretty Nat. My favorites are Tower of Babel, Carnival in Brazil and Fear Not. I'm surprised you get rebloom on Siloam Doodlebug.....mine has never ever rebloomed but then rebloom is RARE on anything here.
Just too short a growing season I guess. When one or two actually rebloom I am over the I haven't had any problems with Photobucket but sometimes my computer frustrates the heck out of me so I feel your pain.


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Thank you!

Debra, I too like the color of BSAT.
Twixanddud, I thought it was interesting, doesn't happen every day :) Not that I want it to happen to those.
Mantis, yes, I tried Imgur - problems there too, and free account only have ab 200 images. I wanted to make albums and couldn't figure out how. Good to know about Picasa. Ah, I wish we could upload more than one file per post from computer here.
I really like Linda's Magic. Doesn't have a high bud count but it's not in full sun, what I like is that it opens well.
Carnival in Brazil now opening well, color is better than my camera shows.
Celeste, I was surprised s. Doodlebug rebloomed too! Acc to my notes it rebloomed in 2010, 2012 and 2013. So I was kinda expecting it this year, you know ;)
Hmm maybe it is my computer not Photobucket or that other image hosting site I tried. I should say though that uploading works fine, it's after that that the problems start.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

TOWER OF BABEL is so pretty, and my favorite one today..BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS is a very pretty one, too,as well as CARNIVAL IN BRAZIL.


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Maryl zone 7a

I like the colors on Blood Sweat and Tears. And those color breaks on the petals (similar to another one I saw on another post) is interesting. Radical change in weather? Virus? Who knows.....I feel your pain on computers. I have zero patience with working them. They are supposed to be like electric lights to me. Flick on the switch and the light comes on. I don't care to understand how or why. Anyway, are you aware of Picture Trails? A friend of mine set me up with it 10 years or more ago knowing how I am with technology. There is a minimum charge of $20.00 a year, but that covers all the photos I care to keep. And if I can work it, anyone can..........Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

I like your CARNIVAL IN BRAZIL. I have it here but it is not doing well in regards to growth,scapes and buds as it is crowded by other plants so the roots are not getting enough room.
I've had the discoloration happen last year and it was on one bloom of Joan Derifield. I was going to post the question on the AHS Robin to see what causes it. Your post reminded me to do that and see what the experts say.


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BST is also one of my favorites, and that Fear Not shot should go in a catalog. I've had broken color on petals before and always thought it looked interesting, but I've no idea what causes it.

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Nancy zone 6

Blood, Sweat, and Tears, and Fear Not are my favorites here too, but I always admire those colors. I have a seedling that has had that broken color, but it tends to do it fairly consistently, so probably a flaw in my daylily. It is a more pastel pink, so not as noticeable either.

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You've got a lot of pretty ones today, but Fear Not is always a favorite. tower of Babel is a beauty too. blood, Sweat and Tears is a nice one too. On Photobucket, thee is a place to contact them. they are very good to help you fix the problem. Their Tech Support is not always there, so it sometimes takes a day ot two for them to respond, but they always do and they follow up to be sure the problem is solved.


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Thanks Jean!
Thanks Maryl! I don't know about the spots but hope it's not virus. I thought it was called chimera or something. But patches on mine were too small. Thanks for the suggestion too. Right now I am too cheap to pay even 20 :) I only use the site for a couple months a year.
Thanks Julia! Carnival in Brazil is now not restricted on 3 sides and it's a big plant.
I really like your Joan Derifield with that discoloration. So unusual! Divides petal in two parts. I had the same thing happened on a Decadence flower last year, can't find the pic now but I posted it last year.
Thank you Chris! My only complaint about Fear Not this year is that it seems to bloom barely above the foliage.
Thanks Nancy! Why a flaw? It's new and unusual! :)
Thanks Kay! Yesterday I could only post what Photobucket allowed, it chose for me. I am now pretty sure it's my computer, but I may write them anyway, thanks for the tip. I have a free account though.
What I found yesterday is that it helps not to open a thumbnail of a pic to get the codes but to click on a little symbol in the upper right corner of a thumbnail, and get the codes this way. Worked better yesterday, but again only 3-4 at a time and only if they are on the same page in the album.

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