Heirloom Tomato

igorlyannoy(5)February 1, 2007

Greetings from a tomato grower from the other side of the pond!

Here in Ukraine we grow a lot of various heirloom tomatoes and appreciate tomatoes with really good taste.

Right now we are looking out for a few seeds of:

- Matina

- Kimberly

- German Red Strawberry

- Japanese Oxheart

- Rostova

- Caspian Pink

If you think you could help obtain any of these, please e-mail me at merryroger@mail.ru for my trade list.

Thanks in advance.


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probably have good luck posting on the tomato forum

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try one of these links: selectedseeds.com or gardenharvestsupply.com. there are a few others. do a google search and type in "heirloom tomato seeds" hope this helps

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Brewery Creek Nursery (have a web site) have hundreds of tomato and pepper varieties

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