mrtoad(7b NC)January 1, 2012

where are some options to purchase hellebore's

price - variety - quality

thanks - mr toad

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Pine Knot Farms offers many species and hybrids including both seed grown strains and tissue cultured clones. Heronswood has a lot of tissue cultured clones and a few others. Big Dipper Farms also has a nice selection and you can order their plants through Amazon. I recently ordered three plants from them and two of the plants are going to flower this year. Prices vary but you can compare them when you visit their websites.

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I have been getting lovely ones from Brecks for $5 per plant for several years - they are all various sorts of h. orientalis. They send me adds for "5 for $25", and I order them.


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

AS others have already mentioned, Pine knot is a leading hybridizer so should have nice quality plants, Big dipper has one of the nicer online selections, santa rosa gardens has lower prices but less selection.

The last two or three years I've seen decent plants at local nurseries, but if they're not labeled as a particular variety I'd be a little cautious about buying when not in bloom. Santa Rosa usually has a great clearance sale during the summer btw.

I ordered a collection of four doubles from Jung's seed this winter. Their rep is kinda on again off again but I'm hoping for the best!

I don't know if you're interested in seeds but it's probably the best way to get some real interesting plants. Buy a couple plants, plant a couple seeds too and in a few years you'll be happier than a pig in... spring

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