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nzhelleboreJanuary 20, 2005

I have seen photos on a Japanese web site of an excellent double hellebore refered to as 'Insomnia'. Due to the origin of the site I was unable to locate the source of this hellebore. Does anyone have this plant and would like to sell/trade/exchange seed from Insomnia or other hellebores that originate from this plant?

It is the middle of summer, not a brilliant one as yet, here so we hellebore addicts are envious of our Northern Hemisphere cousins who are enjoying this seasons flowering.

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Lgkovalcik(z7 AL)

There is a mention of the Insomnia hellebore in the thread entitled "buying seed from Ashwood nurseries in UK".

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I have seen the reference to the posting by KirkZ but the member page for this member does not give an e mail contact or country. I would now hope that the person who made the refermce to Insomnia will now re enter the discussion. Thanks for the reminder.

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Nothing to lose sleep over, but Phedar Nursery has 'Insomnia hybrids' available. Mr.McLewin in Phedar Nursery seed list states that these hybrids "are distinctly different from all other doubles we know of." In the seed list Mr.McLewin mentions Ian Collier of Australia. Though I am not sure if Ian Collier of Australia is the originator of Helleborus hybridus 'Insomnia' but only that Will McLewin mentions his name as Phedars source for double hybrid hellebore that they offer as well as other double hybrids. Phedar offers 'Insomnia hybrids' seed mixed by the packet for $4.00 or by the gram for $90.00.

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Bruce I appreciate the feed back on my search. Unfortunately I have had mixed success with the germination of seed sourced from the northern hemisphere with a high percentage of the seeds rotting within the first 4 weeks of planting. I have a few theories on why but they all usually come back to seed freshness or ripeness.Hence I was hoping to find a source on my side of the equator as a means of getting better germination rates. However if this does not eventuate then I will try Phedar, how can I get is latest list?

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jgwoodard(USDA z7 TN)

You can send $10 (USD) to the address below. Also, the previous list can be viewed from this site:

I have recently contacted a nursery in Akita, Japan (Takasugi) which I hope to visit. I'm curious if the following site is the same site you referred to (

The likely source for the plants at the above Japanese site is either Takasugi nursery or Ian Collier in Canberra, Australia. It seems that the hybrids may have originated from Mr. Collier as Bruce suggested.

42, Bunkers Hill

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Yasuko(Japan Z9a)

Hello all. It is not useful information about insomnia seed,but I would like to share these beautiful Hellebore pictures in the site.
Index - Photograph gallery of helleborus - lots of wonderful photoes!!

Here is a link that might be useful: WAKAIZUMI-FARM

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Hello Yasuko, welcome to GW. Thank you for the link to these beautiful hybrids, I love exploring these sites and the links within the sites. I am always impressed with the Japanese hellebores and the photography. Please feel free to send me to other sites, I love exploring.


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