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frankielynnsie(7B)December 12, 2010

We went to Asheville NC this weekend and I saw this shrub used in several islands. It had brown twigs with red berries all down the branches, no leaves. About 3 feet tall. Husband was driving and not inclined to stop for me to get a better look. Sort of looked like a holly without leaves. Very festive looking. Does anyone know what this might be?

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I have looked at Red Sprite deciduous holly but it does not look like this photo--right size, similar berries. It was individual long stems with berries all along them. It did not have the masses of small branches seen in the red sprite photos and stems/branches were light brown. It looked like the silk branches covered in berries seen at craft stores but live.

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It certainly sounds like one of the deciduous hollies ('Red Sprite' is one cultivar of Ilex verticillata). Look also at pictures of Ilex decidua, but that one is not used as much.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Was it like a holly because the berries looked like holly berries or because of its form and/or other features? If only because of the berries, it could also be something like 'Winter King' hawthorn or even one of the small-fruit crabapples. I'm not familiar with the craft store goodies, so I can't really use that part of the description for ideas.

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Hawthorn and crabapples have fruit that dangles from a stem whereas holly would be very close to the twig with little or no visible stem on it. So that is something to consider.

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