Hickory Cane Corn

menollyrj(6)February 9, 2007

My FIL has a stand of hickory cane corn. DH and I were considering selling/trading some of the seed, but can't find any comparable pricing online. The closest I can find is hickory king, which runs about $8 per pound or ~$2 for 2 oz. If we sell any of this, we'd like to charge a fair price that is agreeable to both parties.

As an heirloom gardener, what do you think this corn is worth, either per pound or in a 2 oz packet?


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A pack of 200 seed should sell for about $2.00

Hickory King and Hickory Cane are used interchangeably in the southeast but Hickory King is just one selection of the type. There should be 8 rows of very large kernels on each ear. Ear length should be about 10 inches with a few up to 12 inches. The kernels are rounded with a dent in the end next to the husk. Kernels should be a bright pearly white. There are a couple of "Hickory Cane" types that have blue kernals mixed with the white. Interestingly enough, this corn can be traced back well over 100 years and may have been grown by native Americans in its current form.

I read a 1910 manual on agriculture several years ago that mentioned growing Hickory Cane, Tennessee Red Cob, and Gourdseed corn here in Alabama. Of the above, only Hickory Cane is still commonly available.

If you search online for "Peru Giant Corn", you will find reference to a corn with kernels larger than a nickel. Olaton Gigante is 20 feet tall. There are lots and lots of other unusual corn varieties out there.


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Peru Giant Kernel Corn", a corn with kernels this year is a little smaller than a nickel .I sell it at cost for $2.00 per pound plus shipping, it is sold here as food . Olaton Gigante is 20 feet tall where can I find some. There are lots and lots of similar corns "Rainbow Inca" sells for around $18.00 per pound .

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looking for some of this type of corn
would like to buy about 1 lb if possible
trying to find it for me and my Dad
this is the type of corn he was raised and talks of it
all the time

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At first, we thought we didn't have any extra for sale. However, we discovered a few ears in a spare room last week. They are from last year's harvest. If you'll e-mail me directly, we can work something out. My e-mail is such as it is @ yahoo.com (remove all the spaces and make it one word).


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I will pay 15.00 for a lb of this corn The hickory cane corn is very rare and hard to get I will send you a sasbe and return postage with address if you still have this seed been hunting desperately for this corn I will have seed next year I hope.If this is the true strain of hickory cane My e=mail is bwood98@bellsouth.net again thanks and look forward to hearing from you I lnow this e-mail is old but we still gonna give it a try wheelhorse

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Look at this link. Sandhill Preservation Center has several strains of Hickory King for sale.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hickory King Corn

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Hickory Cane Corn
I discovered a source for Hickory Cane Corn and have volunteered to post the availability on my Garden Links.

Hickory Cane Corn
For those interested in growing a rare old corn variety called Hickory Cane Corn, I have seed available. I understand that it was grown in the mountain regions of Kentucky. Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Virgina and West Virgina and possibly other locations.

Description of Hickory Cane Corn.
Hickory Cane (not Hickory King) corn was a favorite of old timers and was prized as a sweet corn, creamed corn, grits, hominy and particularly for white corn meal. It makes outstanding Cornbread! Hickory Cane produces a very tall (sometimes up to 12' or more) stalk which supports the height well. It produces very large ears with large white kernels in eight rows. It is fairly drought resistant and stays green much longer than today's sweet corn. It is open pollinated and should not be planted near other varieties (at least one mile isolation). Grown for Fodder originally on the farm for feed and used in cooking Corn Meal, Hominy, and Grits

Hickory Cane Corn $5.00 Per Pound and $5.00 Shipping
email Robert rollersrule@cs.com with inquires.

Rare Hickory Cane Corn Available

Everyone I have talked with who grew up growing/eating this variety have the best of memories! I have been searching for the Hickory Cane Corn for more than three years. You should see faces light up while talking about the good foods this corn made. An example: We were invited to our friend's son's Eagle Scout Awards. There was another young man also getting the award. His father grew up in the mountains of Georgia and I asked if they had grown the Hickory Cane Corn. He excitedly said yes they did and was surprised that I had asked that! Families grew it, saved the seed for the next year, and shared it with family and friends. The "tradition" in the old days was the sharing of seed with newly wed couples.

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I am looking for some Hickory cane field corn (not hickory king). If anyone knows where I could find some I would greatly appreciate it. I am will to buy it from you for a fair or alittle more price and pay for the shipping. Email is msg0380yahoo.com

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