best melon for Louisiana - high rainfall

greenman62February 5, 2014

I know there are a lot of postings on "best melons"
But it gets a bit confusing, and everyone has different growing conditions and tastes as well.
I have a bit of experience growing tropical fruit trees, and a little with veggies, , but almost none much with melons.

SO i need something not too difficult, and New Orleans area gets a LOT of rainfall 5-6 inches a month in May-Aug and about 4 inches in Oct-Nov

i love melons... honeydew and musk types.
i dont mind a musky flavor either.

any suggestions appreciated.

also, if anyone has such seeds to trade, i have lots of tropicals, and also some medicinals and other stuff
also happy to pay postage / SASE etc...

Here is a link that might be useful: Climate New Orleans

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time for this one to move on.

I suggest looking at Sandhill Preservation for some good melons.

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My favorite melon is Charentais. I've grown them in ground and in large containers with a trellis. I didn't have seed this year but am going to order some for next year. The last time I did grow them was in Orange, Texas. In case you don't know, Orange is off I10 on the border of Louisiana and Texas so the climate should be similar enough.
If you haven't ordered seed yet, let me know and I'll share mine. I'm going to be ordering this week.

Here is a link that might be useful: Charentais Melon

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this is an older thread. kinda confusing, but
comments are still helpful actually...

I wouldnt up with a canteloupe and watermelon vine
not sure where either came from
more than likely my compost had grocery store seeds in it.

Also possible that i tried to grow one last year
and the seed just sprouted.

the watermelon has 4 cabbage-ball size fruits
some of the leaves have a white mildew/fungus
its been raining a lot.

The cantaloupe is yellow colored skin
is that normal ?
do i wait till it smells, is soft ?
not sure how to tell its ripe

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