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Doris_J(Z8 WA)February 29, 2004

What are some of your favorite companions to go along with Hellebores? Post pictures if you have them!

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This winter I have some Mrs. Moon pulonaria blooming right now near the hellebores. It is the first year for these plants and you may be able to see the ice crystals in the pictures on the leaves as we just had a little storm.
My Smokey Mountain Blue pulmonaria should be starting any day.
Mary from Gainesville, GA

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Doris_J(Z8 WA)

I can't see the picture, Mary! :(

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

This hellebore loves to bloom. It started blooming in January 2002 when put in, and was still going strong when this picture was taken in August 2003. I finally got tired of the stalk and cut it down in October 2003. However, it started blooming again last month! Obviously it is very happy where it is.

It is in a mixed bed (starting at left and circling around) with a fragrant dwarf rhododendron, a beautiful microlepia fern, a pink mophead hydrangea not in bloom at the time, dark purple iris and a Japanese maple 'Emperor I' of the bloodgood variety. On the white arbors my neighbor's grapevine is growing downwards.

The bed also contains white callas, impatiens, begonias and heucheras. The very next picture (photo #14) shows the same bed but from the opposite view, standing at the top and looking downhill instead of uphill.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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woadwoman(z7 Oregon)

Good question, Doris.

Mary, I couldn't get to the photo, but pulmonarias are lovely with hellebores, aren't they?

Jean, your photos are inspiring. What a bloomer that hellebore is! But the gorgeous foliage mix in that border would be stunning even if nothing flowered. I'm impressed with the way you've achieved a tranquil and harmonious grouping at the same time that you've taken advantage of dramatic contrasts in foliage size, shape, texture and color. Wow! Thanks for posting the great slide show.

One of my favorite plants with purple, pink and white hellebores is Daphne odora. They open here when the hellebores are in full flower, and the colors all work together, and we enjoy the nice daphne scent. Since both plants are ignored by deer in our area, they seem to encourage the deer to walk on by, as well. I've transplanted pink, purple and white sweet violets from other areas where they pop up in the garden to grow beneath the daphnes and hellebores, too.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

Oh, I envy you with the daphne! I've been unable to grow them, or hebe for that matter. Scented plants are difficult in the Bay Area because it's so cool. The flower perfumes don't carry well in cool moist air! On our rare warm spells I can smell the plants much better.

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Does anyone know of a pretty vine that would grow well with hellebores? I have some in a large (permanent) pot on my back porch that I mix with the odd annual, but I'd love to mix in a vine-and was hoping for something more interesting than vinca or ivy.

I'm new to this site having been in an apartment for years, and I love it. Thanks to all.

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