WANTED: Comfrey leaves

ericaladyFebruary 12, 2007

Hiya, we're sporadic gardeners with a pressing problem: my boyfriend was hit by a car last May, and his leg bones still aren't healing together.

We finally got the OK from the doctor to try comfrey poultices, but of course we can't get comfrey leaves locally right now! We've gotten some dried, but need a lot more if we're going to do this routinely. And since he's been out of work for 9 months, and insurance is played out, we're not able to afford health-food store prices.

We would really appreciate any offers of dried comfrey, and are willing to trade:

We have some dried myrtle sprigs, with flower buds on, great for seasoning stews & reputed to be good against fleas.

We also have some other local NW-adapted seeds herbs -- some marvelous variations on scarlet runner beans developed by Ianto Evans, and

cuttings / rooted sections of a large fuzzy-leafed mint from Wenham, Massachusetts that's been in my family for 4 generations. (great for iced tea.)

We will be growing a variety of herbs & plants in our new home, and happy to share those that thrive as the season develops.

Recommendations for other herbal tricks would be welcome, too. But mostly, we need bushels of prickly, smelly comfrey.



Portland, Oregon

Here is a link that might be useful: Friends of Ernie Wisner

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mjtd(oh z5)

greetings do not have comfrey leaves but soon should have root to trade it can be invasive from re seeding and the root what do you have for trade?? GOD BLESS snow just thawed should be up soon

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