bowl of hellebore blooms

jacqueline9CAFebruary 20, 2012

I made a center piece of hellebore flowers from my garden for a luncheon yesterday, and it was so pretty I took a picture of it - here it is. These are all helleborus orientalis, but all different colors, and some doubles.


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mrtoad(7b NC)

very nice , thanks for sharing this

mr toad

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katie(Zone 8a NoCA)

I love all of them. I really like the yellow double and the pink double to the lower right in the photo. A very nice arrangement.


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Just beautiful. I love the dark one in the upper left side most. Thanks so much for posting.

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Gorgeous! I love the doubles! Do you do any trading of seeds or plants? I have several singles and a red double.

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You have inspired me to try and duplicate your centerpiece, but I have a question for you helleborus mavens.

I am traveling about 30 minutes to where I want to display it.
Should I cut my flowers with a long stem and put them in a vase for travel, then trim them shorter to float once I get there?
Or trim them short to begin with and put them in a bag or tupperware or something?
And how much stem do I leave?
I don't want to be driving with a platter full of water and blooms beside me, lol.

This is my first attempt at something artsy so I would really like if it went well. I have a lovely dark purple platter which will compliment the blooms beautifully.
Think I should take some large leaves, or fern fronds, or something else for border texture or just stay with the simple helleborus display?
I may wander my yard Sunday morning to see what I have available, just cannot decide.

Who else has done this and do you have photos?

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Both of you, those arrangements are gorgeous, and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing. That greenery (arborvitae?) does a lot for your floating arrangement, cearbhaill.

I have just one plant, but I am excited to see it has a couple of babies this year, so eventually I may have some variety of blooms.

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Jacqueline and Cearbhaill those are beautiful! Do either of you have extra seeds or baby plants to share. I have one plant and have never gotten any baby plants so it must not have viable seed. Thanks!


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