HAVE: Have mint, want more mint

ladyashley(5A)February 27, 2012

I have the following:

-Scarlet Bee Balm (wild)

-Bee Balm 'Marshall's Delight'

-May have Bee Balm 'Petite Delight' if my cuttings survived the winter.

-Chocolate Mint

-Ginger Mint




-Apple Mint

-Spearmint 'Julep'

-Spearmint 'Kentucky Colonel'

-Lime Mint

-Berries n Cream Mint

-Orange Mint

-Lemon Balm

-Variegated Pineapple Mint

My pending trades (waiting for warm weather):

-Lavender Mint

-Curly Mint

-Banana Mint

Really looking to trade for mints that I don't have!

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I don't have anything to trade right now. I just moved into a new house 3 weeks ago. It has a beautiful brick raised bed in front. I would love to have some different mints to place in pots and sit on the walls of the bed. If you find that you have more than you can trade I would gladly send postage for a few small starts. I am especially interested in chocolate, pineapple and spearmint. Anything would be wonderful. I do however understand if you are waiting to see how trades come about. Hope you have a wonderful growing season.

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Does your chocolate mint taste like Chocolate mints? I have Blue Balsam tea mint for trade.

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well I can trade you a few chocomint tea bags and basil (a type of mint)and spearmint cuttings with roots for your chocolate, pineapple, and berries n' cream mint. Please make this trade!

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