WANTED: Mint, similar to Peppermint

NikeshFebruary 2, 2013


I am new to gardening and really only want some mint to make my daily tea much more delightful.

I do not enjoy spearmint in my tea, that I do know. I much prefer the taste of peppermint, which tastes more minty, less like planty (if that makes any sense).

I bought http://www.amazon.com/Frontier-Peppermint-Leaf-Ounce-Bags/dp/B001VNGOF0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1359839153&sr=8-1&keywords=peppermint+leaves which should keep me going in the peppermint area for a while, but I would like to just start growing my own so I can be self sustainable in my mint needs.

I have heard chocolate mint has the strong mint flavor of peppermint, that would be nice to try. I would also love to try any other type of mint that has more of a classic mint taste than spearmint does.

I unfortunately don't have anything to offer, since I am new to this, but I would be more than willing to pay postage or work something else out. Thank you!

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Please excuse my first post. I was hasty, did not read the instructions properly, and did not realize that asking for a starter in exchange of postage is against the rules.

If possible, I would love advice on how to get started if there the nurseries around my area only have spearmint (not peppermint or chocolate mint).

Otherwise, thank you for your time.

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Hi, I have lots grapefruit mint, balm of gilead, rosemary, sage, and oregano if you are interested. Please email at get2smb_now@yahoo.com

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