WANTED: French Tarragon Rooted Cutting, Georgia 2012

Mystil(7)March 25, 2012

Would anyone in or near Georgia (zone 7) be willing to sell or trade a French Tarragon rooted cutting or two?

I made the mistake of buying tarragon as seed a few years ago, and looked the Latin name up recently, only to discover that it is Russian Tarragon, instead, and absolutely useless for culinary uses. (Although I was still happy that my several-year-old seeds sprouted!)

I'm just starting my garden this year, but I have a few broad leaf sage seedlings, many prolific common thyme seedling bunches, and even a few (Ferry~Morse) rosemary seedlings currently available for trade. If that won't work for you, please let me know a price.

Thank you.


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Noticed that you have received no replies to this.

I am the owner of a genuine French Tarragon plant and would be willing to trade for the sage seedlings if you're still interested. You're right to want this plant as it is divine in cooking!

You'd have to let me know in advance though as I would have to prepare the cutting for you.

If anyone else wants some and has herbs to trade feel free to send me a message and I'll start the cuttings.

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That sounds like a deal to me! I've had some problems with my plants dying off, but I know that I should have at least one sage seedling available--I'll have to double check when it's light out.

I guess we'll email for trade details and such?

Thanks again!

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I have french tarragon as well. Its taking over my garden and I need to thin it out.

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