Moving beyond Peak

mantis__ohJuly 3, 2012

Heat was really hard on things today; and it is definitely past peak, which normally is about July 11.

NATALIE ANTOINETTE Not enough time in garden for evaluation.

LINDA BECK Was happy to see this one this morning.

WISH FULFILLMENT Not too many splotches, which it sometimes can have.

FACEPAINT has done well this year.

KANSAS CITY KICKER doesn't like the heat.

JAMAICAN MUSIC in sun. White is MAL

THIN MAN Fewer blooms than last year.

ASHWOOD DARKSIDE Near the deer netting. Deer have been rapacious this year.

Can anyone identify this one offered by Maryott's several years ago? It is only about 25" tall and I believe a diploid.

JULY GOLD An oldtimer that is a good landscaper in the hospital bed.

FRANK TEELE after a long hot day

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The unusual winter followed by the very hot summer has been brutal on daylilies.

Yours are still looking lovely. If you send the picture to bill Maryott, he may be able to identify it for you. He has for me in the past. It is a lovely clump. I always like seeing Kansas City Kicker and Face Paint. KCK did not rebloom for me this year though it usually has.

Natalie Antoinette is a lovely bloom.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Yes, all the blooms are so early this year that I fear there will be no bloom in August. Bummer. But your daylilies are all beautiful today. My favorite is your oldie, JULY GOLD. Great color.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

you really have some pretty ones. love NATALIE ANTOINETTE .
and also WISH FULFILLMENT .gorgeous.FRANK TEELE is real pretty, too. and I like MAL, too.


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shive(6b TN)

Natalie Antoinette looks a bit pale, but very pretty! I think my favorite today is the Jamaican Music clump in the sunshine.


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I remember seeing a photo of Frank Teele in a daylily book when I first got started in daylilies, and I still love the color. Jamaican Music looks like it's doing very well. And you'll have to explain what the "hospital bed" is.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Facepaint is my favorite of these but I really like Natalie Antoinette. She's lovely...Ellie

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

NATALIE ANTOINETTE is a beauty, but my favorite is JAMAICAN MUSIC.

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I agree that Natalie Antoinette seems very pale. Don't know if that will continue, but at least the blooms were not splotchy. Bud count is low here, though.

The hospital bed is a local urgent care garden that I tend, partly volunteer, and for which I donate many plants. You can't grow anything too striking or people will steal it. It's as bad as New York City, where people have to grow things in cages.

The color on Frank Teele I found alluring when I first saw it, and I have kept it for that reason.

Thanks to all for their comments.

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Lovely daylilies today! My favorites are the first three, Natalie, Linda and Wish Fulfillment.

What can you say about Linda Beck? I got it as a bonus last week! It is in the pot now, to be transplanted later.

It's sad to hear that people could steal plants from the hospital bed (or any bed)..

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Unfortunately, I cannot say much about Linda Beck yet. This is her second year here, and she survived a mild winter. I am getting a few blooms (she was potted in spring of last year and planted in fall).

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Julia NY(6)

It would appear the hot weather is not affecting your blooms. They all look great with multiple blooms opening.
FACEPAINT is a nice large purple "face".


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Even in the heat they all are looking good.

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I love LINDA BECK - what a beauty! They are all very pretty and look great despite the heat.


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