HAVE: Valerian Seedlings

Herbite(z4 WI)April 15, 2006

Just make an offer- it need not be something on my want list. At the moment I have over 40 potted up valerian seedlings to trade off, since I recklessly allowed my plants to reseed last year. Woops!

I know my mother is looking for some more alliums and Jacob's Ladder at the moment, so offers of those are most welcome.

For those unfamiliar with valerian- it is a very tall plant (mine reach 6-7 ft in partial shade). The roots, which smell like dirty gym socks, can be used medicinally. The flowers, however, will fill the entire yard with their wonderful vanilla/musk scent. The plants I'm trading will not reach their full height or flower this year, but next year look out!

A picture can be found here:


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I would be interested in trading with you but I have neither of the plants you are looking for. You can look at my list and see if there are any plants that would interest you.

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I would love some Valerian seedlings. Since I am new to GW My plant list is small but I have tons of DVD's that are new I would like to trade. Including Double Cross, One way out, Honeymoon in Bali, Dishonored Lady, Carnival Story, The Ape, Bruce Le in the Super Gang, Tangled, Rage of the Masters, Duel of the Iron Fist, Monsoon, Kansas City Confidential, Miracle of Faith (the evolution of Christian Heritage), A Farewell to Arms, Rivals of the Dragon, Roy Rogers in the Arizona Kid, Heroes of the West (120 minutes of Western TV) including Roy Rogers and Annie Oakley and Wild Bill, Kiss me, Kill me, The Great Dan Patch (about a horse?) He Walked by Night) Boot Hill;, The Lady and the Highwayman, The image of Bruce Lee and many many many more....

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if you are interested my email is heather.cook@bresnan.net

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I would like to trade for several of the plants. You can look at my least at http://members.gardenweb.com/members/exch/seagle52

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I would really love some of your valerian it is something I have never grown before! I don't see anything on your want list that I have but do please take a look and see if there is something you would like to trade!

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I would really like to get some of your valerian seedlings. Please check my trade list and let me know

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