marniek(z6Pa.)February 1, 2006

I've wonderful "stands" of h. orientalis in several spots throughout my garden and 3 or 4 h. niger plants for which I'm "willing the growth" each day. Much more difficult with the h.niger which I'm told is the case. All but one of the mail order catalogues offer h. niger as bareroot only. Have NEVER been able to get ANY hellebore to grow from bareroot.

None of the local nurseries which used to carry the plants do so any longer because of the difficulty in growing them, not enough return on their investment perhaps. Can anyone offer any insight? There is a beautiful pink h.niger I'd love to try but might as well take my 9 or 12 dollars and burn it!!

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Try Pine Knot Farms in VA. Yhey offer several cultivars and strains of H. niger, at reasonable prices. As far as I know, they do not ship any Helleborus bare-root. I haven't found any reputable grower that does! If a plant is dug or removed from a pot, properly packed in a moist medium, and shipped immediately, bare root plants would have an excellent chance of survival. But, in my experience, the ones that offer bare root plants are only brokers and the roots have been warehoused for a considerable period of time without any attention and arrive at your door so desicated that there is little hope they will ever recover.

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