transplanting hellebores

newtownfarms(Z7 NC)February 12, 2004

My mother has had these for years. She recently moved and I potted some of the seedlings up. I also moved several to my yard. Some of them seem to be turning brown and dying down, I dont see a sign of blooms at this point, I think it may be a bit early. What is the ideal condition for these?? I garden organically and when I transplanted these I planted them in rotten leaves and some rabbit manure. I side dressed a few with lime late in the fall. Any ideas?? I planted one under a huge holly tree, it doesnt look good, one under the cover of the holly but with more sun, looks the best, one in a pot, dead, and one under the cover of a TALL tree which gets lots of sun and it looks just ok.



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While the common lore is that hellebores resent transplanting, I have found they will adjust to being moved just fine, although they may sulk for a seson or two. Your situation sounds about right (but I am hoping there was some soil along with the leaves and rabbit manure :-)). Competition with the holly roots and excessive shade is likely the cause of the lack of response of the one and potted hellebores are problematic at best - most potting soil is too moisture retentive. As long as you have well draining, yet rich, humusy soil and a reasonable amount of light (they prefer more sun than most folks think), you should be fine.

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When's the best time to transplant hellebores?

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It is generally recommended to transplant them immediately after completing their bloom cycle, however I have moved them at all times of year without ill-effect. Your climate and hardiness zone will impose its own restrictions so to be safe, go for immediately after blooming.

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I don't know why but Ilove all hellebores. I think its because they bloom in cold weather. I just transplanted about 20 small ones. Do you think they have a chance. If anyone has any to trade give me a buzz. I'll post my haves and have nots soon. I'd love to hear from anyone soon. All crafters and gourd crafters and growers to.Thanks nanaoffourgirls.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

I just sent you an eMail you might be interested in.


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