looking for Fritillaria Crown Imperial

just1morehosta(5)February 19, 2008

Hello every one,

I am new here,some one sent me here from WSing forum,nice people over there!

I am looking for a Fritillaria Crown Imperial,will this grow in zone 5?

Any good sources out there for me?Thank you kindly,Carol

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Yes, they'll grow very nicely in Zone 5. Two things are really important, though.

1) They MUST have very sandy, well drained soil, as the bulbs rot easily in wet soil.

2) Learned this lesson the hard way. They can be attacked by some kind of a root maggot, which destroys the bulb. I think it might be the same kind that gets into onions and root crops like radishes. At any rate, be sure to apply some type of granular insecticide a couple times a year to the bed, once in spring and once in fall. In the old days, i would say diazinon or dursban, but I think both of those are off the market now. I guess the Bayer Advanced grub control stuff would work.

Unfortunately, since they're a Dutch bulb, it's the wrong time of the year. I've actually seen the plants forced for spring sale at a garden center once, but VERY overpriced, like $20 for one plant. The bulbs are expensive, like $5 or $6 each, but not $20.00.

This is a very good place to buy them from:


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Thank you for that information,no wonder i can't find them now.:0)

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brandyray(Coastal NC/8a)

A good place to buy Fritillaria and other bulbs is brentandbeckysbulbs.com Last year's fall/winter catalog had them listed at 4.00/ea. or 5/17.00 in either red, yellow or orange. I think I read somewhere that this bulb does not necessarily bloom the first year. Brandy

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Hi-don't know if you got some, but most of the local nurseies carry them - I mail ordered mine from colorblends. Ps They don't keep well and should be planted right after you get them. falls is the correct time for planting.

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Jason_D_B(9a NE FL)

Does anyone know if they will grow and bloom successfully in zone9 (North Florida)? I want to buy some to keep squarrels out of the bulbs. Also, do they need a little winter chill?

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