Heritage Ball Jars

malnaJanuary 25, 2014

I'll admit I couldn't resist buying a box of the blue pint jars last year (who else will fess up? :-) I just got an email showing a preview of this year's limited edition - green Perfection pints. Yep, I'll get sucked in again.

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I got a case of the blue ones on clearance at Target last year - I'll have to see the green in person, but not going to pay over $2/jar for them. Waiting for pink - that might look better. I don't think most food looks too appetizing in blue or maybe even green glass. And I still have a dozen pints that came in the bundle with my Presto.

Just wish they'd make smooth-sided jelly jars again. I saw smooth-sided quarts on JoAnn website last year but they were expensive too.

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I actually just use them for dry storage like beans and rice or for flower arrangements. They look pretty on my kitchen hutch :-) I agree, food doesn't look terribly appetizing tinted blue.

Do you mean the 1/2 pint jelly jars? I bought a lot this year that aren't quilted but are embossed with the Ball logo. Also, I bought a couple of boxes of plain, smooth sided 1/4 pint and 1/2 pint jars from Fillmore Container. I use them for recipe samples and have all kinds of notes stuck to them about which recipe, when to open to taste test, etc. Easier when the jars are smooth.

Fillmore was very reasonable as far as shipping, and their service has always been excellent.

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I have heard of Fillmore, will have to look into minimum orders. Yes, I tend to buy the (less expensive) embossed logo jars instead of the quilted (was using quilted for our own jellies, until I ran out of "plain" this summer and put up some "specialty" flavors in quilted). I use the lids for labels, can just manage to fit all required info (ingredients, name, address, Best By date) on them. But once (if) I start selling acidified foods there will be more info required so smooth-sided jars that I can fit a larger label on would be nice, unless I want to go to WM pints (and quarts) for everything.

Green ones might be nice for pickles, and look like they make pretty vases.

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Ball has both the quilted 1/2 pints and the non-quilted 1/2 pints. At Walmart the plain one are cheaper, and I like them better. The quilted one are prettier and the light shines thru them differently.

I won't buy the colored ones, so whoever can have my share. I like to see exactly what my produce looks like, not tinted.

Sheila, I've stocked up on my jelly jars, got about 20 dozen in storage ready for this years jam/jellies. Need about 5 more dozen to be sure.

Fillmore's not cheaper than buying Ball at WM, then add shipping. They don't come with lids or rings from what I've found out.


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The "plain" jars at WM still don't have decent room for label b/c of the logo and markings. Haven't bought any 1/2 pints recently, last I looked they were up to $7.99/doz. Still cheaper than Goodwill - unless I luck out on a case of quilted crystal for $8 which I have a couple of times (or half price sale at Ace). I gripe at the cashiers that they mark the used jelly jars without lids or rings for $1 each when I can get them for between $8-$11/doz NEW at WM or Ace depending on if plain or quilted. I actually saw a few pints marked $3 each at Goodwill last month - not sure who was doing the pricing that day! I've managed to build a pretty good stock of lids and some rings (mostly the larger size) but jelly jars are something I keep running out of.

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I haven't had any problem using the 2x4 labels, even over the embossed jars.

I won't pay $1 per jar, especially without a new lid and ring. I'm sure at one time in the future, I'll have to, but not now.

I always seemed to have an abundance of wide mouth rings, but they are wearing out now. Regular mouth, I regularly have to buy lids and rings. Seriously thinking about just buying a sleeve of rings. My problem is I want to match the rings to the lids and many of my rings are gold and Ball has changed their lids to the silver color.

For my own canning, I don't care if they match, but when I canning for sale, I want to the jars to look better.

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At the end of 2013, October or November, I guess, Sam's had boxes of dozens of the blue heritage jars for about $10. Half the price I've seen elsewhere the rest of the year. At the end of the summer into fall, Lowe's was putting their things on sale and I got a 6 pack for $5. Also got several dozen other sizes for about $5 each. Even quarts, it seems like. Lids were down to $1 per box for regular and $1.25 for wide mouth. Lids with rings were about twice that, I think. I never did see the pint and a half jars go on sale anywhere, and I was watching.

As for your non-quilted jars, look at Ace Hardware's website. They have just about every size Ball/Kerr make and there is free shipping to a local Ace Hardware Store. They even carry the Kerr half pint, wide mouth, non-Elite, non-quilted, straight sided jars. Those may be my new favorite jar.

I saw last week someone wanted $5 per quart jar on Craig's List. I sent them a note asking if they really meant per jar or per dozen and they meant per jar. But they'd sell them for $3 if I really wanted them. They needed rent money. I hope they find somebody to help them. I'd have to really really want them to pay that.

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Sorry I posted such a frivolous topic. Obviously, herfamilysfarm has strong opinions.

Hope this is a great harvest year for all of us.

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No malna, not a frivolous topic, just not something I would use myself. I have several old blue and green jars that I use for seeds. I am the type of person that doesn't spend for pretties. I wouldn't know what to do with them. Never had any extra money over my life.

I do enjoy looking at other's creative efforts, I just not.

I'm also hoping for a wonderful harvest year this coming season. I didn't get as much of certain things canned up.

BTW, I have enjoyed so many of your recipes and advice, you are definitely more experienced in areas than I am.


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Sorry I started going OT when I mentioned I wished they'd bring back the smooth (non embossed, non quilted) jars - and then kept going.

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Just got an email - they have blue and green lids and bands now. I was excited until I clicked the link and saw the price - almost $1 each ($5.95 for 6)!

Now, if they brought out a replica of the old zinc lids I might be tempted to buy a few just for display on my old jars...

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