Helleborus x ericsmithii

greenguy1(z7 Maryland)March 7, 2006

I just bought some Helleborus x ericsmithii from Homestead Gardens, what a knockout! Assuming they were greenhouse forced, I won't put them out for a couple of weeks yet, so I'm enjoying them in the cool, sunny back room of the house. What I can find on the web seems to indicate that they like it more sunny than shady, anybody have experience with this?

- Steve

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I'm not sure how hellebores got the persistant but rather incorrect reputation of being shade plants. They are shade TOLERANT but generally can take a fair amount of sun (some species and hybrids thrive in full sun) and will actually perform better and bloom heavier in at least some direct sun. H. x ericsmithii, because of its parentage, is one of these. In climates with hot summers, morning sun and filtered afternoon shade may be best.

Remember that many of these plants which now comprise our popular hybrids had their origins in areas surrounding the Mediterranean - Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, Croatia, Corsica - and grew naturally in woodland verges and even open meadows so they are accustomed to receiving some sun.

You might want to check out Joseph's (jgwoodard) new Hellebore website linked on a thread on this page for some excellent cultural detail and history on these plants.

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