Idiot Proof Sweet Peppers

snoggle75February 27, 2010

Every year I try to grow sweet peppers, and every year, for numerous reasons, I am less than successful. I am determined to have better luck this year. I would like to grow some "idiot proof" sweet peppers. I've read that Gypsy and Carmen are very prolific, easy to grow hybrids. I'm going to try Gypsy, but I'd really like to grow more heirlooms if possible. Which heirloom sweet peppers, bell or non-bell, do you like to grow that are yummy, easy, and very productive?

After reading the Baker Creek Heirloom customer reviews I'm going to try "Red Belgian" and "Red Cheese". Any thoughts? Any other ideas?

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Boris Banana pepper is phenomenally easy to grow. It is not a bell though.

Alma Paprika and Franks are two that I like to grow just about every year. They are available at Sandhill Preservation.


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