girlwithagreenthumb(9)June 15, 2012

I would like lots of varieties of mint! Try to send cuttings or roots as they are easier to grow. Here are some varieties but if you have a mint variety that is not on the list I would still be happy to trade!

Apple Mint - M. suaveolens.

Curly Mint - M. spicata variety crispii.

Pennyroyal - M. pulegium.

Peppermint - M. piperita.

Pineapple Mint - M. suaveolens 'Variegata'.

Spearmint - M. spicata. The large-leaved cultivar Scotch and the small-leaved Native contain the most mint oil. Kentucky Colonel is a strongly scented hybrid favored for juleps. Curly and variegated cultivars also exist.

Water or Bog Mint - M. aquatica.

Mentha aquatica � Water mint, or Marsh mint

Mentha arvensis � Corn Mint, Wild Mint, Japanese Peppermint, Field Mint, Pudina (पुदीना in Hindi)

Mentha asiatica - Asian Mint

Mentha australis - Australian mint

Mentha canadensis

Mentha cervina - Hart's Pennyroyal

Mentha citrata � Bergamot mint

Mentha crispata - Wrinkled-leaf mint

Mentha cunninghamii

Mentha dahurica - Dahurian Thyme

Mentha diemenica - Slender mint

Mentha gattefossei

Mentha grandiflora

Mentha haplocalyx

Mentha japonica

Mentha kopetdaghensis

Mentha laxiflora - Forest mint

Mentha longifolia - Mentha sylvestris, Horse Mint

Mentha piperita � Peppermint

Mentha pulegium � Pennyroyal

Mentha requienii � Corsican mint

Mentha sachalinensis - Garden mint

Mentha satureioides - Native Pennyroyal

Mentha spicata � M. viridis, syn M. cordifolia Spearmint, Curly mint [9]

Mentha suaveolens � Apple mint, Pineapple mint (a variegated cultivar of Apple mint

Mentha vagans - Gray mint

Licorice mint

Apple mint

Ginger mint

Orange Mint

Banana Mint

Candied Lemon

Candy Mint

Lemon Mint

Basil Mint

Common Name

(click on name to see photo)

Botanical Name

1 Applemint Mentha suaveolens

2 Austrian Mint Mentha Gracilis

3 Banana Mint Mentha Sp. 'B'

4 Basil Mint Mentha spicata ssp

5 Blue Balsam Mint Mentha piperita ssp

6 Candy Mint Mentha piperita sp 'C'

7 Chocolate Mint Mentha X piperita "Mitcham"

8 Corsican Mint Mentha Requienii

9 Curly Citrus Mint Mentha crispii citrata 'cv'

10 Curly Spearmint Mentha spicata "Crispii"

11 Eau DeCologne Mentha Piperita Citrata sp.

12 Egyptian Mint Mentha rotundifolia N.O. Labiatae

13 Emerald & Gold Mint Mentha viridis variegata

14 Epicurean Mint Mentha eqicuratus

15 German Garden Mint Mentha Germania 'cv'

16 Georgia Applemint Mentha rotumfolia

17 Ginger Mint Mentha gentillis

18 Ginger MInt Variagated Mentha gentillis var.

19 Grape Fruit Mint Mentha suaveolens X piperita

20 Habek Mint Mentha longifolia 'Habak'

21 Hillary's Sweet Lemon Mentha sp. 'H.S.L.'

22 Himalayan Silver Mint Mentha sp H.S.'

23 Japanese Mint Mentha arvensis piperescens

24 Kentucky Colonial Mint Mentha x cordifolia

25 Lavender Mint Mentha piperita lavandula

26 Lebanose Mint

27 Lime Mint Mentha piperita citrata sp. 'L'

28 Orange Mint Mentha aquatica citrata

29 Pennyroyal, European Mentha pulegium

30 Peppermint Mentha X piperita

31 Peppermint Variagated Metha piperita 'variegata'

32 Pinneapple Mint Mentha suaveolens

33 Pineapple Mint Variagated Mentha suaveolens 'variegata'

34 Silver Mint Mentha longifolia

35 Spearmint Mentha spicata

36 Swiss Ricola Mint Mentha x piperita swiss

37 The Best Mint Mentha spicata spp

38 True Lemon Mint Mentha spec.

Mint Relatives

1 Australian Mint Bush Prostanthera rotundifolia

2 Anise Hyssop Agastache Foeniculum

3 Hairy Woodmint Blephilia hirsuta

4 Korean Mint (Huo Xiang) Agastache rugosa

5 Lemon Balm Melissa officinalis

6 Lemon Balm, Golden Melissa officinalis var.

7 Lemon Balm Variegated Melissa officinalis var.

8 Lime Balm Melissa officinalis 'Lime'

9 Calamint Calamintha officinalis

10 Catmint Nepeta Faassenii

11 Catmint Nepeta Grandiflora

12 Catmint, Lemon Nepeta faassenii 'citrodora'

13 Catnip Nepeta Cataria

14 Catnip Variegated Nepeta Cataria var.

15 Catnip, Lemon Nepeta Cataria 'citrodora'

16 Herba Buena Satureja Douglasii

17 Mountain Mint Pycnanthemum Fexuosum

and other herbs like lemon basil

lime basil

german chamomile

and vanilla grass


bell pepper seeds

banana pepper seeds

lychee seeds

cilantro cutting

strawberry seeds

lime seeds

tomato seeds

okra seeds

eggplatn seeds

avocado seeds

papaya seeds

apricot seeds

*These are subject to change

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I have apple mint, chocolate mint, kentucky colonel mint and an extra lemon balm seedling that I could send. Just looking for various herbs for exchange. Any scented geraniums by chance?

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