Any suggestions for tasty tomatoes in the South

frannyflowers(7b Marietta, GA)March 21, 2009

Hello All, in the past I've just bought some random tomato plants from Home Depot or Lowes but this year I've expanded my veggie garden and want to try growing some tasty heirloom varieties. I've looked on Park Seed and Burpee but I'm not sure which seeds to choose. I live in the Atlanta area and my garden is in full sun ALL day so I need something that can handle the heat.

Any suggestions?



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Sioux is a very good tomato for hot conditions. I've grown it for two seasons, and am growing it this year, for a third. It sets fruit during the hot time of the summer, which for us, lasts 6-8 weeks and reaches above 100 F every day. Additionally, Sioux makes an excellent canner and slicer. I think, if I had to be restricted to just one tomato, I wouldn't be too sad if it were Sioux. Though, I like to have variety in the garden.

Sioux has medium sized red fruit on indeterminate vines. I've found it does best if caged.

Another I've heard does very well in hot humid conditions is Arkansas Traveler.

Take a look at Sandhill Preservation Center or Tomato Growers' supply. They have LOTS to chose from. The two companies you mention are, in my opinion, a bit on the pricey side and generally go heavy on the hybrids. There are many other companies out there which are excellent. Don't want to slight them. These are what I think of off the top of my head. Try also Baker Creek Heirlooms. They're at

Hope this helps. Have a great growing season!

Tahlequah, OK

Here is a link that might be useful: Sandhill Preservation Center

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frannyflowers(7b Marietta, GA)


Thank you so much for your response. I ordered both of your suggestions: Sioux and Arkansas Traveler. I also ordered Moneymaker, Cherokee Purple, White Currant and Yellow Pear. Not sure what they'll be like but they looked interesting so I thought I'd give them a try too. I can't wait to get the seeds!

Also thank you for the recommended seed companies. I ordered from Baker Creek Heirlooms and you are right their prices are much better than the two companies I had been looking at.

I really appreciate your help!

Happy Gardening,

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Your welcome.

I haven't grown Cherokee Purple. But I have heard that one needs to get it in real early, in hot climates, if they want it to produce very well. If it doesn't do well for you, planted in the spring, you might try it for a fall crop.


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I can't comment on too much personal experience, but I am trying some heirlooms this year as well.

Having lived in GA and TX, I can tell you TX is by far hotter! (But GA is muggier!)

I went with the advice of the local nurseries and what I've read from other TX tomato growers and bought Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Green Zebra and Jubilee.

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Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is a great source for Southern and Mid-Atlantic heirloom vegetable seeds. A good company to deal with also.

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kandm(8b coastal alabama)

I would try to find some that might use less water and lots of sun if you are in the ATL area. Heatwave II Tomato, Solar Fire Tomato, Sunmaster Tomato and Florida 91 Tomato are good for Southern areas.

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frannyflowers(7b Marietta, GA)

George, thank you again for your help and for the tip about the Cherokee Purple.

littleum, bamagrit and kandm, thank you all for the suggestions.

I appreciate everyone's help.

Happy planting,

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Franny I live in Lilburn, been growing toms in atlanta past 30+ years. send email addy I`ll send my phone no. I`ll be happy to share my experiences with you.( no phone no. on internet please)Bill--E-mail addy on MY PAGE

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captstinky(9 WCentral)

you are likely to be very happy with the moneymaker and the yellow pear. We grow em both south of you with good results. I picked up a dozen varieties from Baker Creek to try out this year and most are doing well, but our heat and bugs are just getting started...

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