Heirloom Lady Cream Peas

RhondagmzMarch 10, 2011

I hope to start selling my cream peas at the farmers market soon. But I have no idea what to price time. I was going to sale shelled and unshelled. Can anyone tell me what they sale their's for or what you pay for yours?

I've searched all other the net and can only find prices for seeds. I will be the only person at the farmers market selling peas, so think I'll get lots of interest. Please help


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Look at the price of peas in the grocery store frozen food section. Price yours around 3 times the grocery store price.

Hope you have a good pea sheller!


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Amen. especially if you are growing "Lady" peas. Those are very tedious to shell and technically they are white peas not cream peas. Not worth it for me as green shellies. Thresh out nicely as dry peas.

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Yummy! Love Lady Cream, no one raised any around here last year :-( I'm thinking though last time they got around $6.00 a quart shelled. Good Luck!!

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Thanks so much for the information. I had my first mess out of the garden last week and they were so yummy it was beyond belief!

I've since found, however, that I have no free Saturdays for a few weeks and guess what?! The peas are ready!!!

Am now thinking of approaching a few chiefs in town who I know try to buy local and organic. But, I live in South Texas and most people down here don't even know what a pea is, much less want to add them to their menu! It's gonna be a tough sale.

Will keep you updated,

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