Wednesday Blooms

nat4b(4)July 11, 2012

I am lazy today, no weeding, cleaning of dry leaves, or cooking for me :)

All flowers are repeats. So many of them have only a few buds to go, sad to see.

Frans Hals

Chance Encounter and Carnival in Brazil

Russian Easter was shining in the sun today, I never noticed that it had some diamond dusting

Guilded Appeal - can't get a good picture showing its curly edge

S.Ethel Smith (I believe) - I thought it dropped all the buds, no seems like couple left

Francis of Assisi - yes in the foliage, and the color is redder purple than my today's pic shows, but it looks just glowing in the morning

Feathered Storm - finally doubles (I took a clump pic but it looked so ugly with all the bad foliage on FS, on nearby hosta and Knockout)

Chocolate Cherry Dreams

Grace Brooker - last

Red NoID - not bitone anymore but still with a 'new' form

Here's my new garden addition, not that I have a lot of decor, just one statue and a bird bath (if that counts). It is a Cala lily solar light

And a little confession just to show what a terrible procrastinator I am, I got it in May or even April and put outside only yesterday :)

I placed that solar light by the clump of Light of the World, and here it is today

Thanks for looking!

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What a beauty Grace Brooker is! I know it's new to the garden, but be sure to keep us informed of its performance. Guilded Appeal is also eye catching. What can you tell us about its performance? The clump of Light of the World is magnificent.

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Nice post -- I love Grace Brooker, and Carnival in Brazil looks very exotic in that photo. I like the addition of your calla lily lamp. You'll have to let us know how it works for you.

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Julia NY(6)

Carnival In Brazil is always a stand out in my book. Come to think of it, I haven't noticed it blooming here yet. Gotta check that tomorrow.

Light Of The World started blooming here but didn't like the very cool morning we had today. Maybe tomorrow it will open better.
I do like your solar Cala lily light. Nice to know you are green minded. ;-).


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Grace Brooker is looking so pretty, and that clump shot of Light Of The World is out of this world. Your calla lily solar light is great, where did you get it? Avedon

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Very nice. I sometimes hold on to my new "toys" too. Light of the World is especially lovely.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Light Of The World is gorgeous.. Guilded Appeal is my favorite though. I love the Calla Lily solar light. I bought and little froggie solar thingy the other day. I'll have to get a snapshot...Ellie

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Nancy zone 6

Wonderfulclump of Light of the World, I always favor the clump shots. I really like your NOID. Too bad Frances of Assisi is blooming low, but it still looks very pretty.

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Thanks everybody! I thought I replied yesterday, memory :)

Guilded Appeal is good, I didn't count the buds, but it has many scapes and open many flowers every day. Blooms just above the foliage though this year.

Solar light - I didn't realize that it is not the type I thought it would be, the ones that glow in the dark. It has a manual switch and then alternates colors - blue-red-yellow-green. Nice, but.. I don't know whose brilliant idea was to make it an open flower, like a cup. It will be filled with water immediately (well, if we ever get that thing called rain). If the little bulb gets water damaged I guess it'll be a fancy rain gauge :)

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