fresh hellebore seeds - are they viable?

chasmantheApril 7, 2004

I was cruising a a nursery today for early spring herbs (I'm a landscaper in Southern California) and tripped over a large green hellebore with splashes on the leaves. Didn't notice the splashes; noticed the seed pods, which were cracking open and starting to spill seeds.

I pinched off the open ones to save them, then bought the plant. (Only a true seed maniac would understand either act.)

Have harvested fresh H. sseds before around now. Always traded them away, as I'm too busy to coddle seeds. Since these are REALLY fresh, I want to sow some. Came to this forum for guidance.

Never noticed the little white line (like Dolichos lablab) before. It's tee shirt weather here, and I did not squeeze the seeds out. Are they "fresh" or premature? I'll look further for proper handling instructions.

I presume that the markings on the leaves will not come through in the seedlings. Flowers are pure Hellebore green.

Any guidance from you experts besides keep them moist? Thanks.

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Greenmanplants(UDSA Zone 8)

Read the "What's YOUR method of growing Hellebores from seed", chain on this forum. Get them planted without delay, they should be perfectly viable now. I do feel that when they are harvested early, it's important to get them planted without delay, as they dry out rather quickly and get slightly (prune like) shrivelled.

Cheers Greenmanplants

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Hi Chasmanthe,
I just got back from visiting a friend who started with two hellebores. Both seem to self-seed nicely and she has the beginnings of a colony. But get them in the ground as fresh as possible.

Haven't forgotten about the asclepias. Hope you haven't forgotten the epis! :-)


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LondonShade(London, UK)

I sowed seeds from my own plants last June, just as they were ripe from the plant. Lots of patience needed though, they finally germinated in MArch, by which point the seed tray had lost it's label (DOH!) and it was only a couple of weeks ago when the first 'true' leaves came through that I realised what they were. They had virtually all germinated, so that was pleasing. I just read though that they take 3 to 4 years to flower!
Well thats my story. Perhaps it is different in California!
Happy gardening

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