WANTED: Wanted: Mints and some herbs

bebopfox(8)October 18, 2008

Looking for:

Rooted cuttings for:

different mints (I don't care what kind)

lemon verbena






calamansi (calamandin)

aloe vera


French tarragon

Seeds for:

German chamomile


any heirloom veggie offers

I have these seeds for trade:

rhubarb swiss chard

brandywine tomato



korean licorice mint

thai basil

lime basil

lemon basil

genovese basil

purple ruffles basil

lettuce leaf basil

asian veggie seeds (pak choi, green top radish, radish green, red mustard)

indian mustard

I can do SASE. I'm really desperate right now because I moved and couldn't bring my plants with me ;_; I can't seem to find what I need locally. Please let me know if you're willing to trade or willing to take SASE or something.

I'm really sad about not having any mints or some of the rarer herbs and pretty much resorted to growing what I can just so I can have plants haha



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I have several mints I could trade, plus lemon balm. They're bigger than rooted cuttings, though-- would slightly larger plants be ok? Or I could root any of them for you and send you a baby-- just give it a week or two.

I'd be interested in your basil seeds: lime, purple ruffles, genovese.

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Hi, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
Let me finish trading with someone I owe seeds to, and i'll be happy to trade with you. I don't have any more purple ruffles, will a different purple basil work? I have dark opal basil seeds.
send me an email if you can, so i can get back to you!

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