HAVE: Lion's Tail for wants....

flowerjunkie2(z3)October 10, 2005

Lion Tail -Leonotis leonorus-AKA-Wild Dagga -PLANT

Have LION'S TAIL ROOTED-almost flowering size - to trade for plants wanted or brug/iochroma cuttings,or what else do you have? Looking for plants that can be propagated now and grown thru winter, for spring church sale.


Known as 'Wild Dagga' -is smoked or made into a medicinal tea by the Hottentot tribe of South Africa. Because of its euphoric effects,' Wild Dagga' is often referred to as a Cannabis substitute. Leonotis leonurus ((Wild Dagga - Lion's Tail)) species is also used in Eastern medicine as a euphoriant. Euphoric 'marijuana-like' experience, suggested that persistent use of this substance can lead to habituation, same degree as in tobacco.

Can be used for menstrual and uterine conditions as well. It is valuable in the stimulation of delayed or suppressed menstruation, especially where there is anxiety or tension involved. It is a good relaxing tonic for aiding in menopausal changes. Eases false labor pains.

The resin from the leaves and petals is used. Dried leaves may also be smoked or chewed.( FYI- I don't condone the use of this for any reason other than medicinal purposes,)

Thanks, Sam

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I have some double datura metal seeds that are coming now. They are a purple and white ruffle, i fyou are interested. I have a few seedlings but am unsure how they will travel.Can try as well?

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dreamlogic(z7 NM)

Do you have any seeds for this plant that you would be willing to trade? I'd absolutely love to grow this one!

See my list, if you don't find anything that interests you, just ask and I'll see what I can find :-)

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