WANTED: Biblical Garden

Nalani(8A Oakhills Ca)November 18, 2005

Hello all I am wanting to start a biblical garden. And I do know that back in biblical times there were lots of herbs grown. I am interested in all and if any seeds that anyone has extra. I am really excited about this and I have the winter to get everything prepared. And since I have a large family of seven, they will be used and appreciated. I grow my own tomatoes now and sweet and hot peppers which my kids love. Happy hoildays to everyone who reads this post and God bless you all.


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Nalani, you might do a search on Âbiblical herbs & post specific wants on the seed exchange forum. Some of these should be pretty easy to get ahold of, although taste may depend on your palate. I have garlic I could spare, but I still need to find the other seeds you were looking for. Here are a few:

chicory, lettuce, watercress, sorrel, and dandelions.
Balm, Frankincense, Camphor, Cinnamon and Cassia, Saffron

I am not planting a garden such as yours, but I have not found the Frankincense. Cinnamon needs to be obtained fresh, & montosogardens has seeds from time to time. I do not have saffron, but now & then I see sources on eBay.
Certain varieties of camphor trees grow throughout CA. If you peel the seeds & put them in a paper towel for a long time they will sprout.

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