Sunday blooms and a surprise

Julia NY(6)July 14, 2013

The cool weather has left us and we are back to hot temps and the thermometer on the patio reads just over 90 F .







BACKSEAT ROMANCE (I wonder why Paul Owen picked that name?)


Early Morning photo

Later morning photo


LONG LEGGED LAP DANCER (Curt could have come up with a better name for this one). Second pic is of the scapes

CAUGHT RED HANDED - Second pic is of the scapes

A couple of repeats



WESTBOURNE BLUEBERRY POPSICKLE (Jean: having another one today?LOL)


MAUI SUNRISE- couldn't do both in one frame.


The surprise today was after taking some photos I was sitting on the front porch and noticed something moving by one of the daylilies. So I go over to investigate and find a baby rabbit, then another one and our cat Marmalade found another one. We (by we, I mean my husband and I. Marmalade stayed on the porch) took them to the very back fields and released them. Cute when babies but I have no desire to have them causing a ruckus in the garden with our cat.


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Nancy zone 6

Too many I really, really like to be able to pick favorites. I like watermarked, I think that is the term, you have several here & yes, I like every one.
This must be a big year for rabbits, they are moving up right to our house. Or maybe because Roady is gone, they know my 19 year old deaf cat will never catch them. Baby rabbits are really cute, but I can get pretty territorial over my plants.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

oh my goodness JULIA, what some beauties you have posted today.well,I am going to do this backwards today and name the only one I don't care for as I love them all except for this one "WATCHYL MOON BEAM '" Is it
JAMIE DOCKERY the purple one ? love it.Just really love that CAUGHT RED HANDED and its got tons of scapes and buds.I just LOVE that dark red. its gorgeous. MAUI SUNRISE- is a beauty, too, just so many beauties, wish I had evey one of those.., gorgeous. the bunies will die since you moved them, unless their mama can find them. poor little babies.Dont blame you for not wanting them in your flowers. The cat will surely kill the if she sees them..
well, hoe I don't have too may mistakes in this, as I am having a lot of trouble to type with this right nahd today, its the wrist I broke ad it is not healed right, stupid darn doctor said oh its knitted together just perfect, but, any one can see that its not. and it hurts every day, too, but,I keep using it like he said to do.

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Couldn't ask for a more striking color combo than your first pic. I'm glad you show us the buds on scapes too. I'm so tired of cultivars with bud count under 10.

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Well, I love all the daylilies. You have such healthy looking plants. Mine are just about gone and the thunderstorms and rain have kept me inside a lot these past two weeks.
Ga has certainly had a lot of rain. I love the bunnies. I hope they manage to survive. Sarah

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shive(6b TN)

What wonderful delights for the eyes! The surprise bunnies are adorable. Crown of Creation and Jamie Dockery really compliment one another colorwise. Fantastic combo! I like that you're show the wonderful scapes, and I did a doubletake when I saw the scapes on Caught Red Handed. How do you feel about that one? I'm still growing it in pot. I've crossed with some late reds, but I'm not sure I want to plant it in the garden. The orange undertones bother me. My very favorite is Isle of Patmos. I think I liked it last year when you posted the photo, or it may have been Kay or Rita.


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Way too many to like or add to my wish list. Isle of Patmos is terrific, as is the real Jamie Dockery, WB Blueberry Popsicle (think that might have to go on the list) and all the lovely watermarks. I also grow Long Legged Lap Dancer and enjoy it.

Your babies are adorable. I have too many outdoor cats and only find bunny fur here (bad cats). Hope they make it. We do have families of raccoons that have lived here for years that I can hand-feed. The babies are sweet when they take marshmallows out of my hand.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

That clump of WATCHYL MOON BEAM is really a stunner. And I just love MAUI SUNRISE and ESPIRIT DE CORP. The bunnies are cute but not good for the garden.

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Julia NY(6)

I was so pleased today when I saw both CROWN OF CREATION and JAMIE DOCKERY blooming together. Sometimes planning works and other times.....dig and replant.

CAUGHT RED HANDED was moved last year from my front garden bed to the back when I redid one of the beds. If I remember correctly from prior years, it has always done well. Most of the Rice's that I have do well here.


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I love the all. However Isle of Patmos has such a rich color - morning and afternoon. Too lovely. I also like Jamie Dockery - including those purple buds.

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Julia, your collection was wonderful. All of the fully budded scapes were as enjoyable as the blooms. Maui Sunrise and Freedom's Triumph as well as Isle of Patmos and Claudine's Charm all beauties. The bunnies are adorable and unwanted in a garden.

And I love the reds, always. What a nice group! thanks, I enjoyed it.

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I am putting this on My Clippings list, as I have done several of yours and others on the forum. They are so great, I want to have them at my fingertips, so to speak. Everyone has something I like, but I will mention those purple buds of Jamie Dockery, like it when buds have color--love all the watermarked ones, like Inca Puzzle, Isle of Patmos and Claudine's Charm. The reds are looking good (also dislike the name Hanson gave his pretty red) and WB Blueberry Popsickle is a color i like a lot. Maui Sunrise another lovely color, and Winter Treasure a favorite white. Avedon

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So many pretties! Love Dankie and Watchyl Moon Beam, Backseat Romance is very pretty, Isle of Patmos is gorgeous, they both good but I prefer early morning version, love all the reds! Great picture of Caught Red Handed buds. I like Winter Treasure too.
Yes, a lot of bunnies this year. Our cat caught a couple baby bunnies earlier this month, but she was only carrying them in her mouth, no damage at all.

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Maryl zone 7a

Freedom's Triumph, Fire on the Mountain, Espirit de Corp and Dankie (another name that causes pause) are the top runners for me. The baby bunnies are so cute. Yardley, my garden cat, brought me one the other day. That's his job. Before Yardley they were eating everything, even my roses. The one he brought to me won't be eating anything now. Nature at work......Maryl

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

You take such beautiful pictures! I agree with your comment about Long Legged Lap Dancer, although when I saw it on one nurseries website, it did make me pause and take a second look at it LOL. I just don't know what my neighbors would think if they say it on the plant label!

We've also had a lot of bunnies thanks to an empy field behind the house. Our lab mix has found more than a couple, and we try to save them, but usually we find them too late unfortunetly.


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Isle Of Patmos just jumped out at me, what a stunner. I also like WB Blueberry Popsicle. I grow Blueberry Popsicle and the color just seems to glow in my garden.

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