Carousel Strain hellebore (photo)

leslie6riApril 22, 2011

Another favorite hellebore...

Purple nectaries!


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What a beauty! Thanks for sharing!
Love the dark veins...

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Thanks for looking, alina!

(My husband is sick of looking at them. Grin.)


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Yeah, husbands do not care :) My DH offers to remove all my flower beds and replace them with grass every year ;o)

As for your flower, it reminds me an anemone type Hellebore I bought from Pine Knot Farm. The second row of petals disappeared for some reason, but the coloration is so lovely, so I do not mind. Very similar to yours. I bought many darker varieties, but I found that pinks look amazing in the landscape settings.

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Hi alina,

Actually, my husband turned to me recently and said "your hellebores look very nice" and I was amazed that he knew a hellebore from a daisy. (Even though I rattle on about them constantly!) He tends to like bright red tuberous begonias and New Guinea impatiens --anything large and bright and cheerful. But he also complimented a tiny Hepatica, so who knows? Your DH may be planting a flower garden any day now...

I dream of a double green hellebore. A big, green Double Queen. The best would be to grow one from my own seed. I have a white double queen (photo on this forum) planted near a single green x hybridus and there are seed pods! Maybe I'll get lucky.


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