Have some Mints, want more mints!

tricia73(8)December 9, 2011

I have Chocolate Mint plants and seeds, Peppermint, Spearmint, Orange Mint, Lime Mint (small single pot), Lemon Mint seeds and seedlings, Grapefruit Mint seeds, and Lemon Balm seeds. I am interested in obtaining any and all kinds of mint I don't already have.

Below are just some of the mints I'm looking for. There are more varieties not listed that I am alsot interested in.

Apple Mint

Austrian mint

Basil Mint

Bergamot Mint (M. x piperita citrata)

Blue Balsam Tea Mint (M. x piperita)

Candy Pop Mint

Chinese Mint (M. haplocalyx)

Corsican Mint (M. Requienii)

Cotton Candy Mint

Curly Mint (M. spicata 'Crispata')

Ginger Mint

Green Curly Mint.

Eau-de-Cologne Mint (M. piperita 'Eau-de-Cologne') Egyptian Mint (M. niliaca)

Emerald n' Gold (M. spicata variegata)

Epicurean Mint (M. epicuratus)

Ginger Mint (M. gentilis)

Grapefruit Mint (M. suaveolens x piperita)

Habek Mint (M. longifolia 'Habak')

Hillary's Sweet Lemon (M. sp. "H.S.L.")

Himalayan Silver (M. sp. 'H.S.')

Horsemint (M. longifolia)

Hypocalyx (M. Hypocalyx)

Japanese Field Mint (M. arvensis piperescens)

Japonica Mint (M. japonica)

Lavender Mint (M. piperita lavendula)

Lime Mint (M. piperita citrata spp)

Oregano Mint (M. origanum) aka Mintucha

Peppermint, Todd Mitchum (M. piperita 'T.M.')

Peppermint, Variegated (Mentha spp)

Pineapple Mint (M. suaveolens "variegata")

Silver Mint (M. sp)

Spearmint, Fuzzy (M. spicata ssp)

Spearmint, Kentucky Colonel (M. spicata 'K.C.')

Spearmint, Large-leaf (M. spicata ssp)

Spearmint, Scotch (M. spicata 'Scotch')

Vietnamese Mint (M. x gracilis)

Watermint (M. aquatica)

I have several varieties of basil and vegetable seeds available for trade too.

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Does your chocolate mint taste like chocolate mints?

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I have a large leaf spearmint cutting with roots which I could trade (it was on your trade list) in exchange for chocolate or peppermint. PS isn't basil mint the same thing as basil, because I can give you a basil cutting

    Bookmark   June 15, 2012 at 8:41PM
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