Walter Fiske & Ras buis...

rubrifolia(7ish NYC)April 7, 2004

how do these do for you? Walter bloomed all during last summer with of course nothing now in the spring which is when I would appreciate his red trim. Is ras buis finer than fine as the catalogs froth??? tks,tks,tks.

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Might you mean Helleborus foetidus 'Wester Flisk'? Odd that it should have bloomed in summer - it IS a very early flowering hellebore (at least in zone 8), but summer is pushing it a bit. Did you remove the old flowering stems after they finished blooming? That can affect how well it blooms the following season. Also, IME, any foetidus is not a very long lived plant.

I don't care for the nigers so I haven't grown 'Ras Buis' - personally, I don't feel any of them are as gardenworthy as some of the other hellebore species or hybrids. I've yet to see any form of niger that made me salivate.

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Greenmanplants(UDSA Zone 8)

Sorry posted this in the wrong chain initially.

Like I've said elsewhere, if you grow foetidus in situ from seedlings, you will get a much longer lived plant, usually I remove mine after about 10 years as they get a bit straggly and untidy round the base, but they're by no means dead. I suspect the above were pot grown, transplanted and suffered premature old age as a result.
I agree that Niger is problemmatic, but your 'Ivory Prince' is a selected Nigercors(Niger x Argutifolius) and most of the Niger hybrids form some of the most spectacular garden plants.

Niger still looks very good in a very shelered garden spot, the crystal white 3" flowers in January stand out like a beacon.

Cheers Greenmanplants

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