Small garden, multiple varieties...

littleumMarch 22, 2009

I am very much the rank beginner with this.

This year I bought a number of different tomato & pepper varities to see which ones I killed, and which ones I didn't. (I should really just take up rose gardening. I just have a knack for roses.)

The house is zero-lot line, all plants are in containers in the small courtyard.

I'd *like* to save seeds from the heirlooms (there are some hybrids too), but it occurs to me I might have some cross-pollination due to the close quarters. I am probably way too ahead of myself. ;)

Thoughts on this? Suggestions? I'd like to explore heirloom gardening & seed sharing more in the future, but I also am concerned about unwittingly creating hybrids.

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You might consider reading the FAQ pages on the tomato and Pepper forums as they discuss cross pollination.

Tomato FAQ Pages

Pepper FAQ Pages

You could bag your plants to help prevent cross pollination and a quick search on this website would give you ideas on how to do that.

Cross pollination Search

Good luck and welcome to heirloom gardening.


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