Is it to late for me to re pot last years seedlings?

NewPenny(z8a-7b WA, USA)April 5, 2004

I was gone all winter. The seedlings I got in trades and was given at trades last year look kind of crowded in the pots they are in I think I need to carefully seperate each into it's own larger pot. I'd realy like to re-pot them but am wondering if I'd do more harm then good at this time of year. I have a good all purpose potting mix but was thinking of adding perlite and rich forest lome to the mix and re-potting these babys before the larger ones crowd out the smaller ones. I'd apreaciate any advice.

Thank you, Penny

PS: If Doris_J reads this please e-mail me I lost your phone number and I want to talk to you about my "wierd" plant I offered you a start of. I already e-mailed you through gardenweb but haven't heard back from you yet. Thank you.

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Greenmanplants(UDSA Zone 8)

No problem, shake them out and pot them up without letting the roots dry out. If they're all tangled up together, use a hose and a bucket of water to clean them off and untangle them, they'll be fine.

Cheers Greenmanplants

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NewPenny(z8a-7b WA, USA)

Thank you greenmanplants. I thought it would be OK. :-) I moved here (to Bellingham, WA the Western end of the Pacific North West) from Wenatchee (the middle of WA State) where gardening conditions are MUCh differnt. Over there you realy have to be carefull about when you re-pot and transplant stuff. To early and the frost gets it to late and it drys out no matter how carefull you are about watering. I realy love how easily you can transplant things over here and the almost non stop growing season. Asside from drownding a few plants untill I got acclimated to the climet and realising I can't grow the hot, dry sunloving plants here I realy love how easy it is to garden here.

Take care, Penny

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