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organic_kitten(8)July 2, 2014

Mean As A Snake: I moved it last year and it is much happier:

Red Eyed Fantsasy should be through unless it puts up more rebloom scapes:

Deliverer will always have a place in my garden:

Forsyth Garrett Mason: Have to love it:

Blueridege Belle Cherie has had a great year:

Purple Honey Creeper is a winner too:

I Remember You has done well, thanks, Debra:

Fire in the Hole:

Taken at 5:00 PM in 93 degree heat:

This is in the start of its annual bloomfest: El Desperado with Eye Yi YI behind:

Golly Galore:

Still in pot, first blooms on Laura Harwood:

Should have shown more pics of Wild One. Such a stunner!

And what I consider great news, I still have some leaf streak, but the polar vortex winter we had seems to have eliminated rust in my garden. Not a speck so far.


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I would hope that rust would be eliminated after last winter, but I've never had worse leaf streak.

The purples are nice, but your hot colors really take center stage. I especially like Fire in the Hole and then that explosion by El Desperado.

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My leaf streak is about average for not spraying, which is pretty bad. Thanks, Mantis. Fire in the Hole is pretty close to the tallest one I have and the sun and heat do not faze it in the least. That was the first day I captured a shot of El Desperado this year, but it continues to erupt blooms. I've noticed a couple more rebloom scapes, but overall I should soon be down to mainly lates.


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Wonderful. I have Deliverer on my want list. Looking forward to having it in my garden someday. Wild One has a great color combo. I need to check this one out!

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Your pictures are fantastic. My picks for favorite are Deliverer and Forsyth Garrett Mason. I really hope my Wild One looks as nice as yours some day, I've had mine for two years and it's so-so.

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shive(6b TN)

Deliverer really looks great in your garden. And I have always admired your photos of Fire In the Hold. The Desperado clump is a sight to behold. I gave away a few divisions of mine last year, so mine is not quite that awesome this year.


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When I see your pics of Deliverer, I think I must have it. Others' photos of it aren't as impressive. I love the intense coloring of yours with that chalky watermark.

Purple Honey Creeper always appeals to me, but I don't appear to be having great luck with Lambertsons. I'm never sure that color I'll get.

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Julia NY(6)

Red Eye Fantasy wins me over and Deliverer is just stunning.
Wonderful pics Kay.

I guess there is always some good in a hard winter :-).


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Debra, Chris, and Julie. Deliverer is in one of the better sites in my garden. I have loved it from the first bloom. It seems to me the longer I had the plant, the more intense the color. It is not a factor of heat unless it wants a lot (it was already 90s this morning) so I can't explain it.

Debra, that was the first photo of El Desperado. I've had two or three since and it is still showing off.

Purple Honey Creeper is another pet, Chris. I drooled over it for a couple years before I bought it, and it has been what I hoped for ever since. You do have to take weather in account though.

Julia, someone on the forum, and I don't remember who, posted photos of Red Eyed Fantasy. I was so taken with it that I ordered it from Marietta. It wasn't a very expensive one, but it gives a lot of bang for your buck.

Thanks yall for looking and commenting.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Well,I went back looking for FIRE IN THE HOLE, BUT, GUESS I continue to miss it as I don't see it. but,I love that explosion with EL DESPERADO that is a gorgeous photo. and I love, love, Forsyth Garrett Mason. that's a beauty.
Purple Honey Creeper is a beauty as well as I remember you, and I always love WILD ONE it don't bloom long enough to suit me. gorgeous photos kay.


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Maryl zone 7a

I so like reports about how a daylily ages by PM. Fire in the Hole looks great and gets extra points for staying power. Wild One always appeals to me. Laura Harwood: I've tried to buy this twice and been talked out of it by 2 different nurseries. One for being a Thrips magnet and the other for being a whimp in the afternoon heat. It sure does look pretty in your picture though.........Maryl

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deangreen(7b OK)

Laura Heywood looks great. that snake one looks like it's just hissing away. real lik that active contraat

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Jean, Fire In the Hold is the bright golden yellow with the red eye. a tall plant, so I have to get on my tip toes to get a shot of it. Maryl, I will have to wait to see how Laura Harwood does, since it a pot not the ground yet, went in and out of the greenhouse according to the polar vortex, but so far so thrip trouble yet. Thanks Deangreen. I like the color and the name on Mean as a snake, and it does have that interesting shape.

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