Will Hellebores Self Pollinate

zone5shadeApril 19, 2013

I am looking to get my feet wet in Hellebores propagation. I have some beginner questions that will probably be easy for you all to answer:
1. Can Hellebores self-pollinate?
2. If so, will the offspring be identical to the parent?

I have one redish flowered plant that I like. I'm wondering if I should keep the seedlings at its base to see if they have different flowers. I also just picked a nice upright flower from the local park. That one I will cross pollinate.

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1. Yes & no - some will, some won't. Depends on the type of hellebore you are propagating (many hybrids are sterile).

2. No - the only way to ensure that is via closed pollination (and even that isn't guaranteed) or through tissue culture.

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Thanks for the advice. Here is a photo of the plant and its babies. Not the prettiest cultivar but when I bought them I had no idea there were more choices! It's thriving though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is some more info about my attempt.

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I think it is nice. Muted but still lovely. I am just getting started growing hellebores and my Spotted Ladies finally flowered--but no spots on them. Are you going to pot up the seedlings? I am trying to decide what to do with some seedlings at the base of one if my plants (a hybrud seedling from bluestone). I potted up 4 of them and they had surprisingly long roots. I hope they survive.

I can't get low enough to get the undersides of the flowers. I want to see if the photo loads though.

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Your plant is so lovely with deeply saturated coloring. I hadn't thought to pot my seedlings. That is a good idea though. I was just going to leave them there to fight it out. Ha ha.
Maybe I will move a few. I don't have much space for potted seedlings. But maybe I should find a way. I have a few friends who want seedlings from me but I won't give them my Lesser Celandine infected soil. If I pot the babies in a quarantined area I can gift with a clean conscience!
It would also be lovely if I had elevated pots so that the flowers are more visible.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://partshade.blogspot.com/

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