Anasazi Beans in Texas

aladatrotMarch 11, 2009

I've searched other threads on this, but I can't figure out how many plants would be needed for a worth while crop in a single family garden. I hassled with not having enough peas planted last year. I slaved over six pea plants and got a harvest that consisted of me being able to munch on a couple of peas when I was weeding the garden :O)



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O.k., I'll take a stab at this, since I've done the same thing with southern peas in the beginning.
You'll need at least a 50 foot row. I sqeezed 50 foot of southern peas into 25 foot of row by planting in a zigzag pattern down the row, 6 inches apart. Now it all depends on how prolific an Anazasi bean is and how many you feel would be worthwhile. I was able to get enough to freeze and cook fresh out of this row.

You may get a better answer on the Bean, Pea & Other Legume forum.

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A 50-ft row would give you some to eat and a good idea of whether you wanted a 150-ft row.

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