northernmich(5)March 3, 2007

I noticed some in the Upper Peninsula.

I am in Presque Isle County (NLP).

Any interest in a map and collective list of open pollinated and heirlooms to trade, so we can connect?

Maybe even a get together/swap?

I was thinking 45th parallel and north but open to ideas.

Thanks for looking!


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pajohnso(Z5 MI)

hehe...Hi Earl ; )

Put me on the list.


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Gotcha on the map...TWO down :)

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rxkeith(z5 MI)

hi earl

add me to the map

keith in calumet/ironwood

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Three of us...I'll wait for a few more before I send out the map :)

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Trying 20 some odd different tomatoes this year...I have the growing lights out and have started my indoor garden.

Forecasting snow tonight and tomorrow in duh UP.

Let me know if you can use any seeds I have :)

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hagey(z5 MI)

I am chairman for two houses in the Meridian Historial Village which is maintained by the Meridian Garden Club. Last year these two houses had gardens that were in need of a good revamping. These gardens around these two house were put in eight years ago and have never divided or cleaned up to much. They need dividing and compost added to the soil to make them look like something again.
These two houses are from the 1850's era and we have used plants that were around during that time. Most of the early plants are invasive and that is why we need to redo around these two houses. The other buildings have been redone in past years.
I would like to know if anyone has worked with this era and what you have in your gardens. All information and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks. Betty

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compost_hugger_nancy(z4/5 NES MI)

I'm NLP too! South of Galord & Alpena (m32 & M33 junction)

Organic gardener interested in Heirloom information.

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