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Misai(11)January 1, 2014


My sister-in-law bought 4 lavender seedlings. She gave me the two seedlings. We are not certain what variety of lavender we have. It was only labeled lavender in the nursery store. Could anyone ID it for us?

I have a few more questions:
1) When should I prune my lavender to make it bushy? Should I prune it now or wait for it to grow more?
2) In my photo, there are three lavenders in one nursery pot. When I repot it, should I repot all three lavenders in one pot or plant them separately?

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CA Kate

I'm not sure of the variety of Lavender, but I'd suggest you separate the little guys now... before they get any bigger and their roots get more tangled.

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I see. I'll separate them.
I've been researching on different varieties of lavenders. I think mine is a Lavandula hybrid 'Goodwin Creek Grey' lavender because of the striking similarities on the leaves.

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Resolute_Noir(11 (Philippines/tropical))

Hello! I see you're from where I am. Did you buy those from Manila Seedling Bank? I got mine there. Mine were labeled French Lavender and I can tell from their leaves which are toothed. I saw those Lavender before there and I think they are "Goodwin Creek Grey" as you mentioned. Goodwin Creek Grey is a hybrid of L. lanata (woolly lavnder) and L. dentata (french lavender).

As for care, lavender do not like wet roots and like full sun. In our climate, it will most likely get big fast so separating these plants would be a good idea. Lavender also like their roots in tight spaces so the soil will dry faster as their roots absorb moisture and they like it that way as they thrive in dry soil. Just make sure not to water them too often and they'll be fine. You could even let the soil dry out before you water them.They're drought-resistant.

Check this website for more info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Goodwin Creek Grey

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Yes, we bought the plant at MSBF.

Do you mix your soil with sand or put perlite?

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Resolute_Noir(11 (Philippines/tropical))

We have naturally sandy soil here. I mixed it with the soil that the plant came in. Perlite is also good. It helps the soil drain well. I've read that hoticultural Lime should also be put in the soil since Lavender like alkaline soil. Our water is alkaline so I have no problems with that but just a heads up.

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