'forrest loam' potting soil & a bit of ground chalk

NewPenny(z8a-7b WA, USA)April 7, 2004

Well I re-potted about 1/2 of my crowded seedlings today (actualy I think some are 1 1/2 years or older but where planted several to a pot and showing a big differance in growth rate for seedlings in the same pot. So they now each have there own pot. I went to the edge of our lot and got "forrest loam" mixed in a little ground up chalk and mixed in the soil from the pots the seedlings have been growing in. The 'soil" seems to be draining well now I just have to see if it also retains moisture. I'm planning on using a simaler mix, minus the chalk, later for my Trilliums after they die back for summer. I'll let you know how my "soil" mix works out for the Hellebores.

Take care, Penny

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NewPenny(z8a-7b WA, USA)

So fare so good. 10 Days later and the transplanted seedlings have been growing well. :-) I will probably use the same mix for the other seedlings I need to repot and the "adult" plants that need bigger pots. I'll wate to transplant the "adults" untill they have quit blooming and I have collected there seeds.

Take care,Penny

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