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starinasgarden(6A)April 6, 2011


It's my first time on this forum, I'm looking for advice on 3 hellebores I bought at a florist. I put them under lights indoors, thinking they had been forced in a greenhouse. They began to wilt after a couple of days, and being afraid of crown rot, I tried to bottom water. The first one didn't seem to be absorbing water very quickly, so I tipped it out and was shocked at how pot bound it was. I soaked the root ball, and repotted in a very sharp draining mix. Bottom watered and put them by the window in my cool mudroom.

They look much better today, but I am wondering of there is anything else I should do for them. I intend to harden them off, and plant them out as soon as feasible.

Thanks on advance for your help!

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Hi starinasgarden,

It seems to me that you've done just about everything you could. (Though I'll defer to anyone else with an opinion.) All I can think of is to get them outside as soon as you can --which you intend to do anyway. I've never grown a hellebore inside for even a short period of time, but the hellebores in my zone 6 garden are happy and starting to bloom. I think yours will adapt nicely.

Does anyone else know if a freezing night or two would damage starinasgarden's new hellebores? Just in case...


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I grow Hellebores they are my favorite plant.I have thousands.I will agree you have done as much as you can,other than putting them out side.Hellebore love cold weather.If there is going to be a hard freeze I would give them a little protection.I think they will be fine.....good luck

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Thank you for the reassurance, Leslie and Susie. They look exponentially better today. They are now outdoors in the shade. I don't want to fry them, they've been through enough.
It seems that they are selling hellebores as 'holiday plants' now, which baffles me. I grabbed these because they are a couple of the new german hybrids (Green Corsican & Pink frost), and they're hard to find locally. I have about a dozen or so, and hundreds of H. foetidus(sp?). I love hellebores also, possibly my favorite genus. I intend to add many more, and now my well established clumps are seeding around. Can't wait to see what the blooms on the seedlings will look like!

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The German hybrids bloom early, October I've read. A friend gave me one that was blooming 2 years ago too late to plant it outside. It did well for awhile then declined. I discovered it was pot bound, so I repotted it and it perked up. As soon as I was able, I planted it outside and it survived. It bloomed this year in January. Hopefully it will bloom this October as it should. I know Hellebores don't like to be moved.

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why don't my hellebores multiply. I had these about 3-4 years now. I do have one in bloom now but they just don't seem to multiply Is there anything I can do.

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They went in the ground yesterday. They are looking much better, and should be just fine. Thanks again!

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claysoil(z6 PA)

What kind of hellebores do you have finchelover? Some of the newer hybrids are sterile. I've also found that for the first year or two of bloom I didn't have many seedlings, but now that the clumps are 5 years old or so there are tons of seedlings.

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Just to clarify, I've grown a number of the German hybrids......they bloom in late winter just as most other types :-) You will sometimes get a late summer or early fall bloom (just a flower or two) as you can with any xhybridus but their natural bloom cycle is in late winter. The newer German-introduced H. nigers (Joseph Lemper, Joshua, Jacob, etc.) DO bloom quite early for a niger.....I've had them in beginning bloom stage as early as Thanksgiving.

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I have lots of seedlings which flowered this spring for the first time, but was dissapointed they were all green what can I do ?

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