which buds come first: leaves or flowers?

rebaru(z5 QC)April 30, 2005

I bought my lone hellebore in 2002. It has not yet bloomed, and I had hoped this would be the year. It seems to grow and get larger. Well, the leaves are coming up as usual, but nothing else. Does that mean my wait for flowers is not yet over? AAArrrrrrgh! Thanks heavens I enjoy the leaves!

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MichaelB_MAz6(z6 Malden, MA)

Yes, flowers first , then new leaves. What type of hellebore is it? Some hellebores produce flower buds that need to overwinter, these ae probally difficult to impossible to get blooms on in Quebec.

The ones that are more commonly grown hellebores x hybids..orientalis hybrids lenten rose etc. Produce their flowers from new stems from the roots/crown.

Saying that I have some heelbores that had lots of blooms last year...but less on one plant and none on another, though they both looked like they increased in size.

Good Luck


PS There was actually a fantastic, informative thread on hellbores in colder climates earlier this year in this forum. Origiannly started by David from Vermont. You should take a look at that.

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MichaelB_MAz6(z6 Malden, MA)

Hi again

Here is the link to that thread.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hellebores in z4

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rebaru(z5 QC)

thanks for the thoughts. I bought the plant at the Montreal Botanical Gardens, so you'd think it were hardy here. it is supposed to be orientalis. i guess it's not going to bloom, because the leaves are opening. happily there are other things in the garden, so i can manage to keep waiting. I will shortly check the link you posted.

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