Monday Flowers

nat4b(4)July 15, 2013

It's getting hotter, the forecast says every day the temperature will rise a couple degrees.
And not to expect any rain.
I noticed several of the flowers are getting lighter, and more are dropping buds

This is Swirling Water


Lighter than before Bombay Silk

Guilded Appeal - still darker, but it has just started, and I like the edge on it

Wild Horses still doing good

Chicago Knobby clump; my camera makes those red purple or burgundy-ish flowers bluer

Chicago Knobby - single; looks closer to its morning colors on my desktop monitor

Court Magician - one flower opened all the way today! The other two had that one petal sticking out. I am hesitating again, because fully open it is pretty

Utopia or Oblivion

Noid with buds

Ruby Spider today

Linda's Magic - really like it this year

Thanks for looking!

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You have a lot of pretty ones today! I especially like Chicago Knobby. That color is gorgeous even if it isn't the true color. And Wild Horses is always gorgeous. I like Linda's Magic too.

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Maryl zone 7a

Look at the buds on that NOID! Mine should all have that bud count. Your clump shot of Chicago Knobby is good, but I've never seen a daylily as Lilac as that around here. You said it was your camera so out of curiosity, what brand is it?.....I like Guilded Appeal also, but think my favorite shot is of Ruby Spider.........Maryl

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Nancy zone 6

Lovely clump of Chicago Knobby. I thought at first it was Hint of Blue, that is the exact color of mine. The close up made me realize it isn't the same flower, then I read where you said the color is off. Pretty flower though

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Beautiful flowers today. Court Magician is really nice when it opens perfectly, isn't it? Bombay Silk is always a pretty pink, and Wild Horses is looking striking.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Wild Horses, Chicago Knobby, and Ruby Spider are stunning!!!! I just love them! I ordered Ruby Spider this season after seeing it in full bloom at Oakes...I can't wait to see it in my own yard!


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Well, what beautiful flowers you have. I especially like Chicago Knobby--I favor that flower shape, too, and it looks like Ruby Spider is similar in shape---love it, too. The buds on your NOID are amazing and the color is very pretty--would you call it a light violet? Avedon

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Love, Love, Love Court Magician and Utopia or Oblivion their colors are right up my favorite alley.

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Thanks everybody!
Maryl, camera is old Olympus. I get frustrated with the color distortion on purples, oranges, some reds etc. but it is what I have..
Avedon my fave shape is like Linda's Magic, but Knobby has lots of flowers, and Ruby has big flowers :) Noid is light lilac or yes, light violet.

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Julia NY(6)

COURT MAGICIAN is so bud heavy I sometimes feel like taking a few buds off just to see it open fully. Lovely bloom when it opens fully though.

I do like CHICAGO KNOBBY. Nice photo of it single and clump shot.


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