how to take care of Venus Purple Garden Mum Chrysantheme

sea_green_thumbMarch 23, 2007

Hello all! Love this place, just love it!!!

My son brought me home some Venus Purple Garden Mum Chrysantheme, two of them, this past fall. At the time they were blooming but now, they are dead or so they look like it. He (my son) works at a flower shop and they told him that they would come back this spring but how? They said to cut them back and water them and they would just grow back...watered, cut back, hmmmmmmm...looks like a dead stick plant to me so alllllll help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! (on how to raise them and take care of them,etc.) I have looked online for info and keep running into dead ends...((is this plant rare or something?))

Again, Thanks!!

Thanks so much!!!


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Try the "Perennials" forum on Garden Web. There are lots of people there who will be able to help. Good luck!

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