I have blooms!

kim31kimApril 1, 2004

I am so excited... I was weeding my shade garden today and discovered that one of my hellebores is blooming. This is the first bloom I've had, I planted them last summer. I've never spent so much on a perennial, but it was well worth it! They others that I have are getting much bigger and they look great against the dark colored mulch I have down.

Do I need to do anything special to them this spring? Fertilize etc? Do you dead head them like other plants?



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Hellebores are big on my wish list. Boy was I surprised when I visited various friends in AL to find that they all had hellebores. So possibly in the pipeline for fall, I'll get some hellebores. They are beautiful.

Congratulations on your blooms.


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Me too. My older one has been blooming since early to mid March. It is its third year blooming here. The new one does not look like it will bloom this year. I do nothing special. I have a raised bed to which I added some compost and keep mulched. It gets squirted with Miracle Grow about three times a summer like everything else. Here is a picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hellebore in bloom 4-3-04

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Great photos, love the hellebore!

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Looks like you have a big healthy plant with lots of bloom.


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