H. foetius seedlings

ralfsmom(5)April 14, 2008

i have a lot of little seedlings of these. i think they will do better in zone 6. if anyone is interested in trading for some of these i would like about anything.. delores

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I would like some seedlings of Hellebore seedlings. I live in Massachusetts. Let me know what would you like. Thank you.

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I've found lots of little (what is thought were)"weeds" under my Helleborus this spring. Before I got my hoe out, I discovered that they are seedlings. What joy! So, is there a best time to dig them,and a best medium into which to pot them?
Hye, thanks.

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Nancy zone 6

I moved mine when they had their first true leaves. I think the earlier the better works best for me. Not certain about the potting medium, I planted mine where I wanted them, but regular potting soil should be fine. I wouldn't use garden soil if potting I don't think.

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