What are their names

winterblues2003(z7 wa.)April 12, 2006

What are the names (variety)of hellebores with a netted foilage veined and kida whiteish,silvery ?. I find the foilage attractive but can't pinpoint what variety they are. None of the pictures I can find have anything like them showing leaves. Help appreciated.

Thanks Irene

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

Your description sounds like either the hybrid X sternii (H argutifolius X H. lividus) or one of the patterned leaf forms of H. argutifolius.

Here is a link that might be useful: H. sternii

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winterblues2003(z7 wa.)

Hi geoforce
I think you might have me on the right track...What I have are some seedlings that were given to me..so I am clueless...Most all pics I have seen show heavy on the flower side and not much foilage.I have three of these little fellas, but the leaves are mostly white with the green netting and red in the stems. I wish I could put a pic for you. Maybe they cross pollinated in the lady's garden. I sure like them.Maybe the mostly white will go to green when they mature some?.

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