A WIld Day in the Garden 070814

gonegardening(7 VA)July 8, 2014

Greetings my fellow daylily aficionados:

Daylily season is rushing by and I find myself, as usual, unable to keep up. However, I had a bit of fun in the garden today that I thought I'd share with you. Patience, though, as I'll get to that towards the end.

Sugar Plum Jam blooms and blooms:

Cabarnet Cabaret is very dark and has amazing branching/buds:

Carolina Cool Down is adjusting well after being moved:

Stippled Statement has just been excellent this year:

God Save the Queen with a photobomb by White Mountain:

Always interesting Spirit of Sapelo:

Abandoned in the weedy area, String Streamer rises above:

Impact flower, Celebrating Gold:

I planted it where I usually have a bright blue birdbath...which hasn't made its way outside this year...yet...but, hey, wouldn't it contrast great with it?

Okay, here with go...note the incoming guest on Celebrating Gold:

There are two beekeepers...that I know of...in my neighborhood. One is not too far as the bee flies, so I often find bees sleeping in the daylilies at the end of the day.

A moth...I think...enjoying One Too Many Cats:

This dragonfly was following me around for a bit. Kinda fun. Here he/she lounges on Crystalline Entity:

Here it is on a lonely bud of Rolling Like a River (which has been terrific this year, too):

And, finally...if you're still here....I made my way to trim a climbing rose (that was supposed to be non-climbing one, but we know about these things...) that I allow some of the canes to grow into a large crepe myrtle...and I found this (below) and didn't have the heart to move it...at least yet. Clever...made in the midst of a thorny rose...right at eye level, so not all that high...but still managed to elude my cats (who are getting elderly, so maybe not quite up on their game). If anyone knows if it's one they'll re-use, let me know and I'll leave it:

It's a scorcher here...hope you're cool where you are.

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Thanks for the wildlife show! I especially like the dragonfly pics. The black stripes are very handsome. I think Spirit of Sapelo is my pick of the group. Lots blooming still!

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flora2b(z6a bc)

Very nice. Really drawn to Sugar Plum Jam, kinds reminds me of Jerry Hyatt. I have a cross with Sapelo, hope mine is as nice as that one is.Thanks

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That nest appears to be very solidly built. I think your towering trio would make a nice daylily poster. Thanks for sharing the exuberance of your garden.

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Sugar Plum Jam looks really good. I wish my God Save The Queen looked as good as yours. Mine always seems to look a bit muddy, and not as vivid as the ones in your pic.


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Maryl zone 7a

It doesn't look like a Mockingbird nest as they are sloppy builders. Looks tidy like a Robin's nest, but I think it's a little late for Robins to still be mating. Maybe not in Va though. I've had a few times when the Mockingbirds built their nest in my low climbers. As soon as I discovered the nest, and if there were no eggs or babies in them, I tore them down. My gardening buddy, Yardley, would be on the fledges as soon as they started flapping their wings in preparation to leave the nest. He's my baby boy and keeps all the bad critters down to a manageable level, but he's the first cat I've had who is a big birder (and he's 10 now).........I like that Cabarnet Carabet picture and Suger Plum is an attention getter.....I wonder what species those Dragonflies are. We have them here too and their see through wings with spots fascinate me........Maryl

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deangreen(7b OK)

really like your frist two flowers. and the dragon fly photos. :) I have plum jam which was new for me this year, and I enjoyed every bloom. so pretty.

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I have a repeat nest by my robin mother from last spring--eggs not hatched yet. I too thought it was late.

I like that String Streamer. And good to see that you're not the only critter enjoying the garden.

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gonegardening(7 VA)

Yeah, I think I'm probably about 10 days or so past peak. So, some are ending but thanks to a concerted effort to add some later blooming ones, things will go for a while.

Spirit of Sapelo is a long time favorite. It's just getting going, so will bloom for a while. It's one of those funny expressive daylilies.

Well, I certainly get my share of muddy daylilies with orange clay, but GDTQ is not one of them. One of my goals is to rid my garden of muddy looking ones. There are certain colors/shades that I can...now...pretty much know will be unattractive here...at least to me. I think it's a learning thing, subject to each garden and gardener.

Lol, statman, that's awfully nice...I think I would need to acquire some skills to totally change the weedy background.

I hope it's a robin's nest. My next door neighbor said she had noticed more robins than usual on her front lawn (on the other side of the nest). I will leave it for now. It's pretty good size, so definitely not a tiny bird.

I was down the street at my neighbor's and we saw one of these dragonflies with a silver/white body. Very cool. Occasionally, I see a blue one, which is delightful. But, mostly, I see these and they are fairly companionable, ha.

Thank you all for the nice comments and your time.

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Really liked the trio of String Steamers. I'm having a good many dragonflies this year and I am very grateful since they are excellent mosquito eaters. Your dragonfly shots were excellent, and that is a lovely bird nest. You have a lot of beauties, but I think, Sugar is my favorite today.

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Love dragonflies, they are so unusual. I hate (and afraid of) most of the bugs but I know dragonflies are good. And yay, bees! Haven't seen those in ages.
Your God Save the Queen is so beautiful, love the photobomb :)

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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

So many nice pictures of the flowers and insects! I think String Streamer is my favorite of these. That looks like a robin's nest to me too, around here they mostly seem to build them in trees and in the nooks between soffits and downspouts.

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