ALL around plant food - fertiler to buy

Scotty0613June 30, 2013

IâÂÂm looking for the best ALL around best plant food / fertilizer for ALL types of different plants, trees, flowers etc. for my yard in South Florida.

Anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate any help and a BIG thank you in advance.


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

The best all-around fertilizers have at least these two criteria: 1) they are balanced (NPK ratio: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), and 2) they are slow-release, which reduces the likelihood of burning plants from excess nitrogen.

Osmocote Outdoor & Indoor Smart-Release Plant Food is one fertilizer that fits both of those criteria:

Carol in Jacksonville

Here is a link that might be useful: Learn about Fertilizer

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Lesco 13-3-13......use it most everything every spring.......blooming foliage lesco 8-10-10. You'll get a thousand opinions, so experiment, but in fertilizer, you usually get what ya pay for.

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I agree with Carol for most plants. Time released fertilizers are very good in Florida because most of our soil is so sandy. When you start talking trees I suggest Milorganite if they are oaks or pines or even camellias, but palms, citrus and other trees do best with specific fertilizers.

I use Espoma products for most of my flowers or bushes. Espoma is all natuaral, organic fertilizer. It doesn't burn and it seems to encourage the growth of the good bacteria.

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yep, Tom.
I use Espoma too. My local feed store now has an all organic fertilizer in 50lbs and I can't get the Espoma in 50s. One of my palms has a bad deficiency because of all purpose fertilizer.
The problem with the all organic is that we now have a dog and she won't leave it alone :-o

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If you use an organic fertilizer, be sure to bury it in the soil, particularly with potted plants. The morning after I fertilize with organics I find that animals have dug up the fertilizer, leaving mounds of soil around the trunks. The labels on the organics don't mention that animals find it edible.

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I want to thank everyone who took time to answer my question and for giving me valuable advice.


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Ditto about the organic fertilizer. I spread some on my lawn and the dogs ate as much as they could before I realized what was going on. It stunk, too. I decided I didn't need a perfect lawn.

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Read the label........chicken this and chicken that.....= rats, ect.......:(. Lesco, time the label......tons of minor nutrients.....just my take......:)

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